Friday, December 18, 2009

Ha ha! I know how to post on this site!

WARNING! Madison Beer Review has been hijacked. Hijacked by Mrs. MBR for an unscheduled post. Um, sorry, Mr. MBR. That's what you get for letting me know the passwords.

The holidays are upon us. I want the Comments section filled with suggestions for beers that would make great gifts for Mr. MBR. As this is Madison Beer Review, a focus on local ones or at least locally available would be appreciated. Tell me what beer and why you recommend it. If you are nice, you will likely even see reviews of my final picks on this very site. And as an added bonus you may get some gift ideas for Chrismas, Kwanzaa, and the last few days of Chanukkah.

Now please get to it.

I now return control to MBR and promise not to break in again. Until next December.


  1. World Market had a nice set of Lindeman's Lambics; 2 bottles and a glass, I believe I paid $15 for it.

  2. Mrs. MBR I would recommend for your hubby a gift certificate to Granite City at West Town Mall. The nachos and wings are awesome and the IPA suffices in washing them down. During the hectic holiday shopping this is where I venture when the wife is doing her shopping thing. Granite Cities brews fill the void left behind from the fall of JT Whitneys.

  3. I've been mulling over filling my husband's stocking with a bunch of microbrews in cans (Oskar Blues makes some great ones, esp. Gordon). Cans are just in case the stocking falls ;)

  4. Oooh, good call on the cans in the stocking. He does like Dale's Pale Ale, and Surly is in cans, too. Good thinkin'!

  5. Also in cans - Keweenaw Brewing Co. I've picked up sixers of their Red Jacket Ale at the liquor store on Northport. I've not seen it anywhere else though.

  6. Is Capital the only Wisconsin craft brewer to can?

    This “O” beer, Nightdrain, is that from the area? It looks REALLY popular and I’d like to try some. Where can I get it?

  7. One of my favorite can beers is Point Amber. It'a great value all malt beer. I really wish in the new year that New Glarus would can up the Spotted Cow. That is without question the best beer made in Wisconsin.

    I also have been looking for the "O" Nightrain. A friend of mine told me it's from Oregon.

  8. "O" Nighttrain is from O'So Brewery in Plover, WI (not Oregon); it is quite delicious and was reviewed here on the site a few weeks back. You should be able to find it at Woodman's or Steve's or Star or Jenifer Street.

    Dave's Brewfarm Select (available in the Eau Claire area) is in cans. Capital, Point, and Keweenaw are all in cans. There's been some rumors of other breweries moving towards cans, but I'll leave those alone until they make more official pronouncements. I don't suspect that Spotted Cow will be one of them, though; sorry.


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