Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Madison Beer Review Presents Beer Talk Today

On Part one of this week's podcast we get into the fall spirit with a tasting of Avery's The Kaizer Imperial Octoberfest. How is an Imperial Octoberfest different from a Doppelbock? Can a 9.3 % abv lager taste good? Listen in to find out.

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  1. Would this beer qualify as a malt liquor? Back in the day, knocking back a 40oz of Colt 45 or Mickeys or even Old English 800, was they way to go after skateboarding around the capital. A few of the homebrewers have told me to check out Steel Reserve. They claim it reminds them of a good belgian strong ale. Is it charcoal filtered like OE 800? Just curious.

  2. Yah know every once and a while I get a hankering for a Mickey’s Big Mouth, a little something to get me where I’m going just a little faster, if you know what I mean. I haven’t tried the Steel Reserve yet, is Old English 800 as good as I remember?

  3. The other day my neighbor Jim and I where taken his buddy’s boat off the lake and on the way in we drove by the grocery store and I said to Jim, Hey let’s stop in there and get some of that Steel Reserve, so we did and Jim got some pork rinds, them spicy ones.

    We kept them beers in the cooler because the DNR don’t like a bunch of guys drinking on the lake. They where real cold by the time we got the boat off the water and on the trailer at Olin Park. So I said, Hey Jim, you wanna go in the park to drink these beers? Jim said O.K., so we did.

    It was a little cold and a little wet but hey it’s Wisconsin and you’ll have that. Jim brought them pork rinds along and they where tasting good with that Steel Reserve let me tell you.

    I’m not from the Madison area but I heard that them guys are a bunch of tree huggers and I think it is true because Jim and I saw a bunch of guys going in and out of the wood there at that park. .Jim and I finished up them Steel Reserves, that’s pretty good beer and they go great with pork rinds and we headed out to his buddy’s house to drop off the boat.

  4. I've got to add to this Steel Reserve "debate". I had to buy some when I saw that it won a Gold in the "Malt Liquor" category at the Great American Beer Fest. As far as malt liquors go, it wasn't bad. I will say that it does NOT warm up well - it gets really syrupy and alcoholic. But, otherwise, not bad.

    By the way, Mr. Anonymous Boat Guy - possibly best comment ever. Great story. But if you want really good pork rinds - don't get the spicy ones, but get the regular ones, open them up, dump in some tabasco and shake it up a little.

  5. Steel Reserve and Pork Rinds is all good. I will have to try the tabasco with it.

    Olin Park has been in the news lately regarding used condoms, ky jelly wrappers, and liquor bottles. Maybe there is more then tree hugging going on at the old park.

  6. Hey, this is weird, cuz I saw dem tree-huggers, too. However, upon closer inspection, I swear to Lombardi I saw one of dem trees move. This was before da beer intake. I also swear it was making weird pig noises. I did not partake in the mushrooms I found underneath the cow pies I nabbed up in dere Sauk County. I swear.


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