Monday, October 26, 2009

Big(ish) Beer In The Governor's House?

I'm all for recklessly publishing unconfirmed reports, so I'll join Madison television's WKOW blog "Inside Scoop" in perpetuating the rumor that Dick Leinenkugel might get into the Governor's race.
Sources tell Inside Scoop Leinenkugel has increasingly been approached to consider the upcoming governor’s race. They say Leinenkugel’s intial, polite deflection of the flattering prospect has transformed into subtle consideration of the idea.
From my sources in the beer industry (probably not nearly as impressive a list as "Inside Scoop"s "sources") support for Leinenkugel as Commerce Secretary was relatively tepid. About the most support anyone could muster was "well, at least he likes beer." And, for folks in the beer industry, I guess that's all you really need.

At this point, about the best the industry would expect is not to have legislation that would move the industry backwards. Forwards may not happen. But at least it wouldn't go backwards, like, if say, Kathleen Falk were to somehow end up in the Governor's seat.

I don't know enough about Leinenkugel's political leanings to make an informed decision about his fitness for the highest office in the state. It seems that not a whole lot of others do either. He has a bit of an "outsider" reputation here, which could be a good thing.

It seems that Republicans are content to sit on the sidelines and snipe instead of wasting resources. Which, to my unpolitical mind, seems like a good idea; staying out of the Governor's race would give them more resources to dedicate to Assembly and Senate seat elections - which they'll need before the Governor's seat would do them any good. In the meantime, Republicans can let the Democrats waste their time with a relatively unexciting choice for 4 years, not let anything get through, blame the Dems for not getting anything done, then have good numbers for a solid Gubernatorial bid in 2014 when they'll have a better idea of Paul Ryan's political ambitions.

Unless Tom Barrett gets in the race.

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  1. No readily apparent record of Dick contributing to any candidates although Tom has contributed to David Obey (D) in the past.


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