Friday, October 2, 2009

Almost Forgot - JT Whitneys Has A New Tenant

In case you haven't heard, the folks that own the Varsity ClubVintage [ed note: ugh..] downtown are the new tenants at JT Whitneys. They intend to hire a relative who is a brewer out in California to be the brewmaster there.

Them's the rumors at least.


  1. It's the owners of the Vintage...not the Varsity Club...

  2. JT WHITNEYs at times made some good beer. If the brewer would have treated the water, they might have had better beer. But the reason there out of business probably has to do with the shady general manager they had. That's what you get for stiffy moms looking for child support payments. Good luck to the new place.

  3. I hope that they either keep the old mug club going, or failing that at least let me have my old mug if it's still there. The night before JT's closed we could see the writing on the wall, but one of the bartenders assured us there'd be a quick ownership change and it wouldn't be necessary to take our mugs with us, but that obviously didn't turn out to be the case.

  4. You can go pickup your mug anytime they are in there working.....


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