Friday, September 4, 2009

Press Release Friday - Furthermore Shitty Barn Party

Normally I use a press release to supplement, rather than supplant, the day's post. Unfortunately, even the best laid plans can go awry - or something like that. In any event, I didn't get the post I wanted to write written last night.

But I did get a poster from Chris Staples of Furthermore Beer about their annual Shitty Barn Party. It's always a blast, and this year will be the biggest blast yet.

The event is being put on by Furthermore Beer and Gastro Non Grata, the Twin Cities-based producers of food and beer events with a "Mickey Rooney/Dirty Garage Rock feel". Furthermore is celebrating the latest release of Fallen Apple. Everyone is celebrating just 'cuz. Amazing food is coming from Underground Food Collective, they of Bike the Barns and Pre-Industrial Pig Roast fames. Chef Nate from Chippewa Falls will help out, too.

Music will be played by The Chambermaids, Private Dancer, and Madison's Droids Attack. Art installation and on-site screen printing by The Art Department.

Oh. Don't forget Just Coffee and a meat raffle. A meat raffle? Yeah. A meat raffle.

All of this for a suggested donation of $10 that will help off-set the costs of bringing all of this awesomeness to you. If you are afraid of drinking and driving (and you should be!) please carpool (if you have a ride or need a ride, please comment here and maybe MBR can facilitate the getting of people from one place to another). You are more than welcome to crash in and around the Shitty Barn. If you do, Furthermore has offered Bloody Marys and breakfast for the detritus.

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