Friday, September 25, 2009

PorterPalooza #4 - Scuttlebutt Porter

This one of those rare sightings on shelves around here. I think I picked this up in the Janesville Woodman's. I know next to nothing about Scuttlebutt Brewing Company. Scuttlebutt is based in Everett, Washington, a Northern suburb of Seattle. Based on the website info about this beer, I am expecting a robust porter a little lighter than Edmund Fitzgerald. Let's see, shall we?

Scuttlebutt Porter
BeerAdvocate (B). RateBeer (76).
Appearance: a twist of the cap and vigorous pour yields a thick, tan foamy head; somewhat dense, but falls away quickly; a dark brown, let's call it black, body
Aroma: roasted, malty and sweet with a light fruity hop kick; the website calls it mocha, but I'm not sure I'd quite go that far; my handy-dandy vintemp says 47 degrees, so it's possible that the aroma is yet somewhat muted; I think it's more hop aroma than most and is interestingly balanced
Flavor: roasted malt that acts a bit like a dark-roasted coffee - full bodied, but with a pleasing astringent bitterness; a slight sour-y tang and hoppy bitterness in the finish are pretty cool
Body: like many porters, it seems fuller-bodied than it actually is; the finish on this is dry, as in roasty, but it is not clean - the flavor sticks around and coats the mouth
Drinkability: because of the fuller-feeling body, I'm not sure I'd drink more than two, but a) this warms up well, and b) it would take me a while to drink 2, and c) I'd really enjoy drinking 2.
Summary: While similar to, say, the Ale Asylum Contorter Porter, the long, rather than dry, finish distinguishes this Northwestern brew from its Midwestern counterpart. This is a fun departure from the norm around here and it would be pleasing to drink as an everyday beer - the folks in Everett should consider themselves lucky to have it as their local. Is it the best porter ever? A conspicuous lack of complexity and muddiness of flavor prevents it from being in the top ranks, but as a local brew and a rare glimpse into the everyday lives of our Seattle brethren, it fits the bill well.

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  1. I am a local, northwest Washington. The porter is the best I have ever tasted. I have not been to the Midwest, except for Chicago. Surprisingly, this beer is not carried in every bar and restaurant around, but I continue to ask for it.


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