Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Madison Beer Review Presents Beer Talk Today

In this week's episode of Beer Talk Today, we join with Madison Beer Review for an end of summer Lawnmower Beer Tasting. On Part one, we taste Capital Island Wheat, Coon Rock Cream Ale, Miller Genuine Draft, Victory Prima Pils, Budweiser, Cheesehead (a Capital beer), Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and Fat Tire Amber Ale. Then we get in a long conversation about New Belgium and the Wisconsin beer market.

Here's the mp3


UPDATE: Some info about the Cheesehead Lager that we tasted. I was wrong, it was not made in 1994, it was made in 1997, so it's only 12 years old. Capital made Cheesehead from August 1997 until January 1998 when they and their distributors were sued by Champion Beer Co. who held the rights to the Cheesehead name for beer.

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