Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Great American Beer Fest Winners

Yeah, yeah, 70% of all entrants win at least one prize. Whatever. Congrats to the folks below who won awards at the most prestigious beerfest in the country.

Capital Brewery Co., Capital Bavarian Lager, Bronze, Dortmunder or German-Style Oktoberfest
New Glarus Brewing Co, Totally Naked, Bronze, American-Style Lager or Premium Lager
New Glarus Brewing Co, Raspberry Tart, Bronze, Fruit Beer or Field Beer
Rock Bottom Brewery - Milwaukee, Pilsner, Gold, German-Style Pilsener
Titletown Brewing Co., Dark Helmet, Bronze, German Style Schwarzbier

Interesting to note:
- Only five winners this year. It's hard to tell how many actually participated, but unless you have immediate aspirations to distribute outside of Wisconsin, is there really a need to even send beer? Yeah, if you win you get to advertise it, but how much does "Bronze at GABF" really buy you and is it worth the time and money?

- All of the awards were in German beer categories (except for Raspberry Tart).


  1. Call me confused, because I am. Is the Bavarian Lager an oktoberfest or a dortmunder or a munich helles? And is the Totally Naked a premium lager or an american style lager. Why the combining of styles when there seems to be so many in those individual styles already. Oh well not my proplem, I'm a hop head and IPA's are the only beers that matter...

  2. As in all tastings weather it is food, wine, beer, and so on, it is done by humans and each human’s impression of everything and anything is different so consistency with any tasting competition is a difficult thing to attain.

    Madison Beer Review, the judges at any beer competition and any “tasting critic” is subjective based on their own individuality. Example, Do you feel Limburger Cheese, is tasty or not?

    Wisconsin has a great number of very good breweries and we should embrace the fact that we have all these great breweries all within reach. We should celebrate this and promote our great brewing state and not look down on our breweries who didn’t win at one of the most challenging beer competitions in the world.

    Beer is a matter of taste, if some people think that the west coast make better beer that Wisconsin, that’s great, as for me I feel the best beer is made right here at home.

  3. When it comes to getting the food items we need, we love to go to the farmers market. We like to purchase items that are fresh, local and meet the people who work the land. We consider Beer to be a food item and we like to buy local! Living in Dane County Wisconsin, we have access to some wonderfull brewpubs and bottling breweries that make a wonderfull assortment of beer styles. I don't care for all of them, but I appreciate the diversity. Like the previous post comment about Limburger cheese, I am glad they make it, even though I don't like it.

    I am sure they make really good beer from the west coast, but I believe our local beers don't have to take a back seat to them anyone or anyone else! Local is cool!

    Even Old Style is going to the "local theme" In the neighborhood since 1902. It's brewed in Milwaukee now and it's krausened again. We had some them along with some Total Nakeds and Island Wheats at the Badger game. It's been real nice talking to you!


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