Monday, August 24, 2009

Woman To Be Beat With Stick For Daring To Drink Beer

Sorry for the lack of a post on Friday. I was out of town and didn't get anything up. I was busy all weekend, so unfortunately today's post is a bit of a rush-job. But, I thought this was interesting enough to comment on.

A woman, a model actually, in Malaysia is going to be caned this week. What was her crime? Drinking beer at a hotel nightclub last year.
'Sometimes I feel sad and stressed as I have tarnished my family's name. But now after spending time reading the Koran, I feel calm and am not afraid of being caned,' she said.
Tarnished her family's name for drinking a beer. Of course, Amnesty International thinks that the caning should be called off.

But, Amnesty International's interest in the case has nothing to do with arbitrary enforcement of a hypocritical religious law by a non-religious governmental entity; Amnesty just wants the caning to end.

Ultimately, I'm not sure I have a point with this article other than to call your attention to the fact that there are places on this planet where you can be caned for drinking one beer. Not to mention the fact that a full 40% of the citizens of this same country would not be caned by the civil government for the exact same activity.

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