Friday, August 14, 2009

Some Things That You Should Read

It's that time again. Time to check around these interwebs and look at some interesting articles about beer and the brewing industry.

Wired writes about a beer that has been brewed using a yeast that is 45 million years old. You read that correctly. 45 million years old. A scientist figures out how to reanimate dormant yeast, and, of course, what do they do with it? Brew beer. "Normally, Hackett ends the primary fermentation process by 'crashing the tank'—lowering the temperature to shock the yeast into dormancy. But that didn't work on Cano's yeast. 'It was just sitting on the bottom and nibbling on the sugar like a couch potato,' Hackett says. A strain that had survived 45 million years in suspended animation was not about to go quietly." You can buy the beer from Fossil Fuels Brewing Company.

Andy Crouch pleads for bars to ditch the shaker pint. "So tedious is the shaker pint’s design that breweries have taken to slapping all manners of logos across them. The shaker’s uninspired design, combined with the emblem army, discourage brewers from actively considering how their beers look to the customer." It's a sentiment that I can fully get behind. Don't give me this crap about dishwashers and stacking. I only point to wine glasses. Be inspired. Think about what your beer looks like - I have seen some downright gorgeous beers - none of them have been in a shaker pint.

Finally, the New York Times looks at the new batch of Chicago micros. Metropolitan, Half-Acre (brewed at Sand Creek here in Wisconsin), Piece, Three Floyds (technically, across the border in Munster, Indiana). "On a Tuesday night in early June, you could barely buy your way into Piece Brewery and Pizzeria in Wicker Park. Eager drinkers packed the sprawling brew pub to get their hands — or rather their taste buds — on Baron Von Awesome, a summer release from Piece’s brewer, Jonathan Cutler. This American wheat beer appears every year, something a bit lighter to help cleanse the bitter memories of Chicago’s wintry chill." While many of these breweries are brand new and still out ironing out some kinks, they show great promise. Piece and Three Floyds are obviously the entrenched players - always solid beer. Metropolitan and HalfAcre both make solid, if unspectacular, if beers that would be go-to beers if I lived in their neighborhoods.

Before we leave. I love Geggy Tah and I found a video that you should watch.

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