Thursday, August 6, 2009

Press Release Thursday - Pearl Street Special Taps At The Great Taste of the Midwest

From Pearl Street's Brewmaster Joe Katchever:

Thought you'd like to know that PSB will be conducting two special tappings during the Great Taste! At 2:35 we will tap the DANKENSTEIN IIPA. The Dankenstein was voted "Best over-the-top beer" at last years Great Taste by the Isthmus. Fire-brewed Imperial IPA. The name is derived from the fact that it was brewed with an unlikely mix of malts stitched together with a hodgepodge of the stinkiest hops we could find. This one is destined to be quite dank with a starting gravity of 19.2 and colossal quadruple-hoppings. This is one of our famous rotating house beers fleetingly available only in the brewery's Tasting Room. However, a single keg has been secretly transported under the cloak of darkness from PSB to share with our friends, critics and future lovers at the Great Taste! 9.5% 109 IBUs

At 3:35 We will unveil Smokin' Hemp Porter!
A deep-colored rich and delicious porter brewed with Canadian hemp seed and a bit of barley malt that has been smoked over a fire of peat moss. This is truly a taste sensation wrapped in a glass. This small-batch brew is in very limited quantity. This is really tasty! I am extremely happy with how this experimental beer turned out. The interplay between the hops, hemp and smoked malt is delightful and am looking forward to enjoying a glass or two at the Taste.

The DANKENSTEIN will be coming out in 4 packs in the Madison area soon!


  1. Wait, so the whole post (press release) is about how rare, special and unique this one keg is, and then you follow it up with the fact that it'll be available in 4-packs all of Madison very very soon.


  2. That is funny, but I'm still stoked about the Dankenstein. It was one of my favorites (that I can remember) from last year.


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