Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Press Release Tuesday - BeerMenus.Com Launches in Milwaukee

So, no Beer Talk Today this week - the guys were on vacation last week. Hopefully it'll be back next week. In the meantime, a cool new project is getting started in Milwaukee and Chicago is on the way. The basic idea is that people and bars can go out to this website or Twitter feed and keep taplists up-to-date. That way when you're wondering what beer is at what bar you can check it out before you head out (or, I presume, check it out on your Blackberry/iPhone/etc.) I haven't had a chance to play with the site much, so I can't vouch for it's awesomeness yet - but I can say that it seems like a good idea - particularly in large cities.

--------------START PRESS RELEASE----------------------

Milwaukee, WI – The craft beer industry and its followers in Milwaukee now have a new ally online, http://beermenus.com. The website allows users a chance to search Milwaukee’s beer menus by beer, neighborhood, establishment, and soon to be, style. Search results produce a map of the locations that have beer menus in their location, or a specific beer, or even beer events. Upon clicking the location, a user can find the establishments hours, location and everything they on tap, in bottles, in casks, prices, and other beer information. Other functionalities of the site include user created lists, events calendar, and much more.

“Beer geeks are very tech savvy. They love Twitter. They love to rate beer. They love to talk online about great beer and bash bad beer. The first list created in Milwaukee was, ‘Best Beers to Drink While Watching a Brewers Game’. Genius list, I wish I would have thought of that. But finding beer events, or places serving our favorite beers in Milwaukee was pretty much impossible before this site.” Said Tom Story, a local web designer who helped bring BeerMenus.com to Milwaukee. “I knew it had to be here next.”
First established in New York in 2008, and just recently launched in Philadelphia, BeerMenus started with two brothers asking the question, “Where can we find our good beer in New York?”

“We knew there were many places out there serving great beer, but they were difficult to find and we wanted to know exactly what beers they had so we could find our favorites.” Said Will Stephens Co-Founder of BeerMenus.com.
“To solve this problem, we created BeerMenus.com, which allows places that sell great beer to update, manage, and publicize their beer menus in a central location online to connect with thirsty craft beer lovers.”

Currently New York has 568 bars, beer stores, and brewpubs online, Philadelphia has 76, and Milwaukee has started its first day with 25. But Milwaukee boasts many beers that even the other large cities out east do not carry.
“Milwaukee is the original Beer Capital and has needed a site like this for awhile. As I play with the site, there is definitely a sense of pride, as I can search for excellent Wisconsin beers and see that New York and Philadelphia do not have them. I can appreciate a bar that serves Furthermore, Central Waters, Tyranena, New Glarus and Lakefront. And now I know where those places are at,” concluded Tom.

Future expansion ideas for BeerMenus.com includes search by Style and Premium memberships for both users and bar owners, and as of now the site free for all. Users can also follow new additions to Milwaukee from their updates on Twitter @BeerMenusMilw.

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  1. Another cool aspect of the site is bars can embed their beer menu on their website, so they do not have to do double duty in updating their own websites beer menu. Nothing worse than waiting for an out of date pdf to download. If you have any suggestions feel free to shoot them over to will@beermenus.com


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