Thursday, July 2, 2009

Press Release Thursday - New Glarus Organic Revolution Re-Certified

Sorry for the slow posting this week. It's the lazy days of summer when everyone is entirely too busy doing nothing at all to get anything done. Next week will probably be equally sporadic, but we'll have some good stuff. Promise.

In the meantime, a press release from New Glarus about the re-certification of the underrated Organic Revolution. In fact both BeerAdvocate and RateBeer put the Organic Revolution squarely in the middle of the pack: B and 50, respectively. When we reviewed it, we noted its dual personality as both an American and Belgian-ish pale ale.

ps. If it's any consolation, we agree with Deb that the USDA seal is kinda corporate looking. Necessary evils and all that jazz.

-------------START PRESS RELEASE-----------------

New Glarus Brewing Company's 'Organic Revolution' Supports the Organic Movement
New Glarus, WI
June 16, 2009:

All of the beers at New Glarus Brewing Company are brewed to be pure and natural, but 'Organic Revolution' goes a step further. Those looking for a refreshing way to support the Organic Farming Movement will delight in this complex and assertively hoppy golden ale. But now 'Organic Revolution' will have a little something extra.

'Organic Revolution Ale', one of New Glarus Brewing Company's eight year-round offerings, is as pure as beer can get. Made with organic Pilsner and Caramel malt, organic German Hallertau Hops, and absolutely nothing else. 'Organic Revolution' is even 100% naturally carbonated in the bottle, which is an uncommon practice. The barley is grown organically, then is malted organically in Wisconsin at Briess Malting of Chilton. Another unusual aspect of this beer is the use of 100% organic hops as this is, surprisingly, not required by the USDA. New Glarus Brewing Company believes the inclusion of all natural organic ingredients is the best way to support the Organic Farming Movement. "This is important to us", Dan says, "This is the best way to protect our food chain, and a great way to support small, local farmers".

On May 14, 2009 Robert Caldwell, the Midwest inspector for Oregon Tilth, re-certified 'Organic Revolution Ale' after a complete brewery inspection. Oregon Tilth works for the USDA to certify both producers and brewers. 'Organic Revolution Ale' has been certified wholly organic since 2008, and the 'Oregon Tilth' name appears on newer bottles. Perhaps some wonder why the USDA stamp has not appeared on the label. "We have the option to write it out or use the seal" Deborah Carey says, "We thought wrongly that the USDA seal was rather corporate looking and not keeping with our message. This omission has confused some people, so we will start utilizing both the USDA and Oregon Tilth stamps on our future labels".

So you can look forward to the same great flavor celebration in 'Organic Revolution' that you have come to know and love, with the small addition of a USDA stamp on the label from now on. Dan and Deb Carey have always believed that the only way for the Organic Movement to succeed is for all of us to support it. So raise your glass and toast to Wisconsin's common sense Revolution!

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