Monday, July 20, 2009

Monroe Street Bistro Closed

From 77Square: That didn't take long.

Unfortunately problems with ownership created a bad situation for Clayton (co-owner and chef). Interestingly, the article notes: "Mergen [ed note: the restaurant manager] said changes in store at the new restaurant include dropping price points to the $8 to $17 range and making sandwiches available all day." For those of you that had been MSB, you know that this statement is kind of odd for two reasons: 1) almost all of the food was already IN the $8 to $17 range (with the odd Rack of Lamb or something coming in a little higher) and 2) the sandwiches were great and always available anyway. So, it seems like a rather odd statement to say that these represent positive changes. It doesn't sound good for the beer and liquor selection, though we'll keep you updated on that.

In the meantime, good luck to Clayton his food will be greatly missed.

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  1. It's called Karma. If you miss his food, why not visit Brasserie V? That's where it was "borrowed" from.


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