Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting Ready For The Great Taste

I know we're still a few weeks away from The Great Taste of the Midwest, but the Pre-Great Taste parties are actually my favorite part of the weekend. It's a great opportunity to meet some folks from the breweries, bar crawl a little bit, and drink some great beer with people who really know their stuff.

So, we'll be updating the site as I find out about some Pre-Great Taste parties and we'll have some more information about the Great Taste as it gets closer. In the meantime, here's some of the Pre-Great Taste parties:

The Beer Spot hosts Surly & Founders @ Glass Nickel on Atwood, 7pm
Jolly Pumpkin @ Malt House, 4pm (also Cantillon on tap! Boo! Didn't make it.)
Great Lakes @ Dexters, 4pm
Dark Horse @ Dexters, 8pm
New Holland @ Local Tavern, 4pm
Two Brothers @ Alchemy, 8pm
Bells @ Maduro, 4pm
Stone, Dogfish, 3 Floyds @ Jordan's Big 10, 3-8pm (Jordans?!)
Ommegang/Duvel @ Brasserie V - Duvel Green and Multiple Ommegang ("This will be their first time offering this in Wisconsin and it has only been in select places in the US so far.")
Goose Island @ Sardine,

There's some rumors about a bus that will take people around to the different bars; I'm trying to get some confirmation on that. I have some feelers out to see if there are other parties going on.

Anyone that you would like to see?

I'll keep updating this post as raw data and then next week I'll republish it in a more finalized form.
------FROM DEXTERS------
Great Lakes will be about 4pm to 8pm. Dark Horse will be here after 8pm.
Great Lakes: Dortmunder, Edmund Fitz, Blackout, Grassroots, Indy Ale
Dark Horse: Fore, Perkulator, Crooked Tree, Double Crooked Tree, Boffo Brown, Rod Red, Reserve Black and Maybe Scotty Karate

These will all be on tap.

We will also be open for breakfast on Saturday at 9 and will be having a bus. [ed note: sweet!]

------FROM ALCHEMY-------
They got mixed up with a beer dinner they are holding with New Holland later this fall. Two Brothers, not New Holland, is there for the Pre-Great Taste.


  1. What is the New Holland Alchemy event? I haven't seen anything about that one and I wonder why they would have two?

  2. I received an email from Alchemy that says "We'll have New Holland here Friday night before the taste." I thought it was strange having two, too.


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