Thursday, July 2, 2009

Malt House Liquor License Suspended [Update: Malt House is Open]


THE MALT HOUSE IS OPEN. They didn't miss a beat and are still serving great beer, scotch, whiskey, bourbon and rye. Apparently there was a slip-up that has been remedied. So, no worries, the Malt House is, in fact, open.

-----------END UPDATE----------

Looks like they forgot to pay city hall to keep the lights on. It looks like it's been suspended for failure to pay a license fee. Should be a pretty simple fix.

The memo was released today by city hall.

Anyone know the score and want to comment?

Thanks to @in_tent_city and Kristin Czubkowski of The Capital Times for the heads up.


  1. business as usual down at the malt house. guessing this one got paid before they opened today at 4.

  2. Good. Glad to hear it all got worked out. I wasn't able to make it over there today to check it out myself.


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