Monday, June 22, 2009

Letting Someone Else Do The Work - Top 10 Summer Beers

A fun article from TMRZoo listing 10 beers you MUST drink this summer. I agree: Saison Dupont, Erdinger, Prima Pils. I disagree: Landshark Lager, Sam Adams Summer Ale. It pains me to remove a recommendation for the Sam Adams Summer - it, and the Pete's Wicked Summer, was one of the first seasonal craft beers I can remember really enjoying. But it's just too darn sweet for my taste these days - it doesn't warm up well at all. And while Summer beers are almost always great cold-drinkers, they warm up quickly so they can't taste BAD when they do get a little warm.

My own Summer Top 10 (in no particular order):

Furthermore Fatty Boombalatty, Lakefront Organic ESB, Saison Dupont, Stone IPA, Erdinger (hefe or dunkel), New Glarus Imperial Saison, Surly Furious, Coors Banquet, Great Lakes Burning River, Bells Oberon


  1. The shandy at Brewery Creek in Mineral Point. Why, oh, why did I not stop there this weekend?

  2. Coors Banquet?

    I must be a terrible native of Colorado because I've never heard of that before. Granted, I avoided Coors most of the time after I graduated to what some might call "good beer".

    But you do have me curious now, is that on your list for real or are you just testing us?

  3. No, it's legit. Started drinking it when I got bored with the hipster-love for PBR. And they sell at the Stop-and-Rob in my neighborhood.

    It's the original Coors recipe and, I hate to admit it, but that damned easy-flow tab thingy works. It's more solid-bodied than "the silver bullet" with a cleaner, but more pronounced, light malt taste.

  4. Isn't Coors Banquet just another name for Coors original?
    I agree with a lot of that list, maybe switching out Two Hearted for the Stone, Spotted Cow for the Oberon, and my Minnesota staple Grain Belt for the Coors. By the way, Matt at Brasserie V said he's going to try to keep Saison Dupont on tap for the rest of the summer.

  5. Could be. I never had a lot of Coors Original, so maybe my comment should be "more solid-bodied than I remember the silver bullet being". And, yeah, it's basically a filler-spot for the cheap beer of choice. Mine happens to be Coors this year. It's been PBR, Old Style, Old Mil, The Beast, Genny Cream Ale, and others in the past.

  6. I'll second the Grain Belt love. I also had a bottle of the new/old Schlitz on Sunday after a good hour of roofing, and it was close to the most delicious thing ever.

    New Glarus Naked is a nice summer beer as well, and I like bringing cans of Capital US Pale for tailgating at baseball games.


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