Sunday, May 3, 2009

MBR Meet-Up at the Old Fashioned - May 4 (Monday) at 7pm

I sent this out via the MBR Facebook page and the MBR Twitter feed, but I have some more details.

First, what happened is that I was already planning on meeting some people at The Old Fashioned on Monday, May 4 at 7pm. And I though: hey, I've been thinking about doing a meet-up for a while and Monday night's as good as any.

So, here you go. A chance to meet some fellow MBR folks and have some really good beer with some good beer people. I contacted the Old Fashioned, and they are going to set up a booth for us and they've been nice enough to tell us what's on tap.

May 4th is also the first day that New Belgium beer is available here in WI. It's unknown if the bottles will be available at The Old Fashioned tomorrow (draught isn't coming to WI until July). In the meantime, drool on this tap list and I'll see you Monday night!

Central Water's Happy Heron
Sand Creek Hard Lemonade
Furthermore's Fatty Boombalatty*
Rush River's Lost Arrow Porter
New Glarus Cracked Wheat
Lake Louie Kiss the Lips IPA
O'so's Rusty Red
Lakefront's Riverwest Stein
New Glarus Alt
South Shore Nut Brown
Pearl St. Downtown Nut Brown
Rowland's Calumet Rye
Bull Falls Edelbock Lager
Red Eye's Thorn in my side Imperial Stout
Tyranena's Chipotle Imperial Porter
Harbor City Mile Rock Amber
O'so's Big O
Ale Asylum Hopalicious
Grumpy Troll's Maggie IPA
Viking Copperhead
Titletown's Johnny Blood Red
Potosi's Classic Pilsner
New Glarus Black Wheat
Silver Creek's Vintage
Milwaukee Ale House's Monkey Paw
Spotted Cow
* Furthermore Fatty Boombalatty is the beer of the month and is a $2.50 tap. All other beer is between $2.50 and $4.00. Pitchers are $8.50.

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