Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beer Review: Bubblejack IPA

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Rush River Bubblejack IPA

Appearance: An aggressive pour nets a tall, loose, white head on a highly carbonated golden body; lots of floaties, though it's hard to tell if the floaties are yeast from bottle conditioning or hop leafy matter
Aroma: big lemon brightness with some pine and orange
Flavor: hoppy and bitter but warms up well to reveal some citrusiness and pine in the hops, very little malt body at all; some pepperiness and burn at the end
Body: light bodied for an IPA, with a surprisingly clean finish that leaves a bit of lemony/grapefruity bitterness on the back of the throat
Drinkability: light for an IPA makes this definitely on the sessionable side
Summary: I prefer my IPAs with a little more body, but this would definitely do in a pinch; very enjoyable and pleasant surprise for a brewery that seems to be a bit of an enigma

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