Friday, April 3, 2009

What's The Point

We talk around here a lot about 22oz bombers. And the lack thereof in Wisconsin package sizes. I like 'em. I also like 750s and 300s and 500s. I'm not saying I don't like twelve ounces - I'm just saying that we should think outside the bottle a little.

Well, Pacifico's thinking outside the bottle, a little:
Pacifico Beer, an authentic beer imported from Mexico, is adding a new package with the introduction of the Pacifico 7 oz. bottle in 6-pack and 4/6-pack case. ... This new SKU is positioned to further Pacifico's efforts to increase trial among consumers via new opportunities and occasions. In bars, the smaller size makes it ideal for bucket specials. In grocery, drug and convenience stores, the 7 oz. complements the existing Pacifico package line-up and its on-the-go size makes it perfect for bringing to parties, cookouts and picnics.
I don't know about you, but I can't say I'd be super-excited about the tool that brings a sixer of Pacifico 7oz-ers to my party. But, maybe as the image shows, they have a different target market in mind?

I wonder whether the 6 7oz-ers will cost more or less than the Pacifico 40oz bottle that I can get at the Stop-And-Rob around the corner.

**note: is not the URL for the brewery.


  1. Reminds me of the Rolling Rock "ponies" we used to get cases of in college back in PA. (Ponies are 7 oz. bottle of Rolling Rock. Don't know if they are still sold; I haven't had Rolling Rock since the whole sale of Rolling Rock from InBev to AB a few years ago, but that's another story.)

  2. 'Shorties', as I refer to 7 oz bottles, are a tradition with some summer league ultimate frisbee teams, although they tend toward purchasing Highlife. No one can say no to a shorty since it is only really a few swallows; just enough to drink while changing shoes and not enough that the mozzies eat you alive while you are drinking it after dusk.

  3. "I don't know about you, but I can't say I'd be super-excited about the tool that brings a sixer of Pacifico 7oz-ers to my party"

    Thank you for saying it so I didn't have to.

  4. Flying Dog has a mixed 8-pack out right now of 7oz bottles of their "big beers" - IIPA, Tripel, Gonzo Porter and Barleywine. I actually really like this idea for bigger beers. Sometimes you don't want a full 12oz+ bottle of a 10% beer. I'd like to see more breweries offer this.


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