Thursday, April 30, 2009

Madison Beer Review Presents Beer Talk Today

On part two of this weeks show we discuss Capital's new experimental beer and the recently released lists of the 50 largest breweries and 50 largest craft breweries in the US.

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  1. RE: Island Wheat Experimental beer
    I think you are on to the "Experimental Belgian Style Wheat". It sure seems like a "Becker-Like" attempt to polish a turd. My money is on the scenario that they had a bit of a Brettanomyces problem that was not discovered until they had a shit-locker of it already bottled. So, in the hallowed tradition of JT Whitneys, they renamed it and are wholesaling it out at Mountain Creek prices: 2 case minimum at $15/case and $12.50/case in greater than 4-case lots. I have tasted it and it is clearly, although not offensively, infected. Kind of a mild tang, but not over the top.

  2. This was the first I had heard of the Island Wheat/Prairie Gold mash-up, but I will say I'm skeptical and, if anonymous is to be believed, it certainly sounds like a mistake gone not-horribly-awry-enough to dump. But, yeah, any time you see "2 case minimum" I hear "we want you to buy enough of this so that we get your money, but don't really have to worry about you not buying any more of it."

    And the comment card thing? Weird. But to be applauded if they actually care. I'd be curious to see what those comment cards that they get back say. Are they sycophants just regurgitating their love for Capital?

    Capital, in general, has been baffling to me lately. First the uninspiring Baltic Porter, the Barbara was OK, then this, now they have some Hop Back thing (although, isn't Troeg's NW-style amber ALSO called "HopBack"??). But there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason or consistency to it. It's just "Here, I made a production batch of this - tell me what you think of it".

    Maybe now that they've starting brewing full-bore up at Point they're trying to figure out what to do with the Middleton brewery? I notice that almost all of these, save the "mash-up" of the Prairie Wheat or whatever they're calling it, have been keg-only - which tells me "Middleton". And I can only assume that the Prairie Wheat or Island Gold or whatever it is was simply a mix-up - "oops. haha. we accidentally put the belgian yeast into the island wheat. sorry." Or it's a two-pour to get rid of the remainder of the gold and a soured batch of the wheat? Anyway. It's all speculation.

    Maybe I'll see if Kirby will return an email. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  3. Oh. Matt Brewing is the Saranac brands.

  4. Yeah, at this point it's all speculation. As we said, the guy who Kyle called (i think it was just a gift shop employee) said it was Island Wheat with the Prairie Gold yeast. Why they would use that yeast again intentionally, i'm not sure, because it didn't work out for them the first time.
    Capital is in a very strange position. If they keep making keg only experimental stuff I'm all for it. I never got to try the Barbara, but that seems like exactly the kind of interesting beer they should be making and could do well. As for this, yes, the fact that it's bottled, rock bottom price, it all seems strange. We could be overly cynical (as I say on the clip, maybe it's a brilliant way to get people to give their friends this beer), but based on the way they've developed their business, I think some kind of mistake or "two-pull" as Jon suggested is quite plausible. Then again, if it were really blending left over Prairie Gold with Island Wheat, it would take some real balls to call it "Prairie Wheat." I'll reserve judgment until I get a chance to try it, if i do.

  5. St. Louis Brewing Company at 50 is Schlafly and this is their first time on the list.


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