Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tasting Notes: Furthermore Thermo Refur

For those who didn't really think much about it, "Thermo Refur" is an anagram of "Furthermore." When I talked to Chris about this beer back at their release party in January, I asked what pricing was going to look like and he said that because of the limited quantities they wanted to sell it in single bottles at the price as a "broken down" six-pack of Makeweight, which goes for about $12 for a six. (wow! that was a long sentence)

Price aside, I've finally gotten a chance to grab this thing in bottles and taste it a more suitable environment. Yes, it's true, a crowded, dim, bar with loud music and plastic cups is not the ideal opportunity for critical analysis.

So, here we go. The bottle tells me 55 degrees in a snifter. So, that's what I did. Although a note about the bottle - there's a slight "ridge" near the top of the bottle that looks like the bottle is broken - I don't think it is, but it certainly looks like it is cracked and it is definitely weak (to be fair: I bought 3 of them and this is the only bottle with this defect, but still ...)

a bright and sour aroma that smells like an open bag of hop pellets hits the nose even as it is pouring; a slight rubbery smell and a hint of roastiness finishes the aroma; the hazy, brownish-reddish body shows little carbonation though a nice aggressive foamy head formed on top; with as much "other stuff" as is in this thing - e.g., red beets and black pepper - the malt profile is pretty upfront and the hops are fairly restrained; although after that initial malt hit, the red beet flavors come through; I gotta say, I'm not a huge fan of red beets and these, together with the brett, lend some pretty funky, earthy, astringent flavors on the back of the palate; the black pepper helps to clean up the finish, but the beets and funk overpowers the finish

I will admit, as the beer warms up and you get to the bottom of the snifter, the brett character becomes more charming than abrasive and gives this beer a pensive dubbel-cum-trappist-esque quality

I can't help thinking that barrel aging would do wonders for this beer; oak barrels would be cool; whiskey barrels on a very light blend would be pretty interesting; a wine barrel might be pushing it a little


  1. I love this beer. Have had it on tap at the Old Fashioned (where they unfortunately serve their beer too cold - perhaps that's the "old fashioned Wisconsin" way to do it) and finally in a bottle. The ability to let it warm up at home really let this beer shine for me. I don't really like beets on their own, but I do like black pepper beers and somehow all the funkiness of this beer comes together in a really cool way for me. I would wear cologne made from this stuff. God bless Furthermore for their creativity.

  2. Just tried this years Thermo refur and it is much more refined and lacks a that rubbery band aid quality from last year. Really a stunning food beer.


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