Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Belgium In Wisconsin

I'll admit, back in February, I was "outraged" that New Belgium wasn't in Wisconsin and told the distributors to "GET YOUR ASSES IN GEAR" (emphasis in original) and start "importing" New Belgium.

I knew at that time that New Belgium was going to be in Wisconsin by the end of the year. Yes, I know, I'm a jerk. Sue me. It was one of those rumors that I knew but didn't have any public source to confirm. But, the Anonymous commenter should be proud of himself for standing up for the distributors - there aren't many people doing that these days: "Hey, maybe...just maybe it's not the distributors that are holding up access to New Belgium. It could be that the brewery is trying to manage their growth - kinda like New GLARUS."

So, I knew at the time that the comment was irrelevant. Sorry for misleading you. I hope you'll forgive me.

Here's a recent article from Marketwire and here's the gist of that article:
New Belgium Brewing (www.newbelgium.com), best known for its flagship Fat Tire Amber Ale, is expanding its distribution and portfolio dramatically in 2009. ... the brewery is poised to enter six new markets as well; North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, South Dakota and Wisconsin all by end of summer. New Belgium is still vetting distributors in potential markets.


  1. Real Scoop here! This has been common knowledge for almost 2 weeks now, any bartender in town had the details.

  2. As someone who grew up in Colorado and got sufficiently hooked on New Belgium, then moved to North Carolina where my favorite brewery wasn't available for the four years I was there – I am very excited that they will be in Wisconsin soon, since I plan on moving there in a couple weeks. Sorry for the long sentence, I just get excited about beer and it's truly a difficult life without New Belgium. I hope the people of Wisconsin like their beer as much as I do.

    Oh, and I do know for sure that they are expanding slowly because of the environmental and ethical way they run the brewery. Another reason why I love them.



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