Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Afternoon Press Release - Furthermore

I usually only run these things on Tuesday and Thursday, but since two of the Madison events for Furthermore are this weekend (tonight at Come Back Inn, tomorrow at High Noon), I thought I would do them a solid and publish it for anyone who's actually reading these things at 3 in the afternoon on a Friday.

-------- Start Press Release .... Now --------------

Well, friends - it's that time again: time for me to dust off spellcheck and get unlazy enough to communicate with you the myriad goings-on of your pals at Furthermore Beer. I shall now proceed chatting you up:


3/5 - TONIGHT! - Come Back Inn, Madison - Boombalaty Release, 8 until 10
3/7 - Saturday - High Noon Saloon, Madison - Festivale Beer Fest Thingy, 1 until 4
3/18 - Wednesday - Turner Hall, MKE - Bonnie Prince Billy (sponsoring!), evening
3/21 - Saturday - Happy Gnome, St. Paul - Firkin Fest, afternoon-ish
4/8 - Wednesday - Malt House, Madison - Tasting, 5 until 7
4/25 - Saturday - Octoberfest Grounds, LaCrosse - Btwn the Bluffs Fest, 2 until 6


Spring Green - bottles at The General Store

Madison- Bottles (singles) at Steve's Mineral Point, Steve's University, Star, Cork & Bottle, Jenifer St Market, Barriques Fitchburg, Riley's, Whole Foods. Kegs at The Old Fashioned and Alchemy. Still holding out for Malt House, Dexter's, Brasserie V and Monroe Street Bistro.

Milwaukee - Bottles (singles) at Otto's, Groppi, Three Cellars, Whole Foods & Discount Liquors. Kegs at Sugar Maple & Comet.

Minneapolis/St. Paul- Kegs only at Happy Gnome, Maddy Pig, Grumpy's NE, maybe Acadia and maybe Grumpy's NE.

Red Wing (of all places) - keg at Norton's. FATTY BOOMBALATTY IS BACK! This week. All markets. Go assert your ability to keep us in business by buying Fatty like hell won't have it. In exchange, we will continue to show our love for you by showering your inbox with beery news.

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