Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Death Of JT Whitneys Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

It turns out that Whitneys isn't dead. Just in a coma. It should be re-opening very soon. Same location. Same staff. New Owners. Hopefully owners that will actually fund a properly-run brewery.

According to Head Brewer Rich Becker, JT Whitneys could re-open as early as Friday (yes, tomorrow):
The lease for the building should be signed on Thursday. Unless something unforeseen happens we will be open on Friday with some of our own beer. If all else goes well I will be able to order the malt that I require and we will have a larger choice of beer up soon. The actual transfer deal for control of the Brewpub has not been signed yet but will most likely be done by the end of next week at which point we will be officially under new ownership.

So there you go. Hardly even missed a beat.

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