Friday, January 16, 2009

More Cool Events

Before I get to the Madison Malt Society, I received an email from Chris at Furthermore yesterday - unfortunately I was not able to post it yesterday, so hopefully you weren't freezing your ass off at Cork & Bottle wondering where the heck Furthermore is:

"This is a "it's too dang cold!" alert. Stay home & stay warm by NOT coming to Cork & Bottle tonight (Thursday, January 15th) for a tasting. NEW DATE: Thursday, February 19th from 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm."

The Madison Malt Society is holding a Celebration of American Distilling. February 19th, 2009 from 7pm to 10pm at the Edgewater Hotel. Tickets for the event are $55. For your money you get a unique opportunity to taste distilled spirits that you may not otherwise have the chance to taste here, "We have set up a pilot program through the Department of Revenue that will allow us to bring in some products that are not sold in Wisconsin." Like spirits from breweries Dogfish Head and New Holland. You also get the chance to help out the Teresa McGovern Center, a substance abuse center here in Madison.

This sounds like an awesome event. I find it interesting that breweries like Dogfish Head and New Holland can both distill liquor, yet Wisconsin breweries cannot. Maybe one of these days we'll take a good hard look at that. I received some information in a press release, so I'll just quote that here:

This will be a premiere tasting event featuring spirits from across America. Included in this event will be some of the legends of Kentucky Bourbon, as well as micro distillers from across the country that are making some of the most interesting spirits on the market today. Here in Wisconsin alone we have seen the birth of four new distilleries in just the last two years, including one right here in Madison, Yahara Bay

Our goal is to attract many of the principles from these distilleries so participants in the tasting can really gain first hand knowledge of the production of these products. They can also experience the passion that these producers have for their work.

Madison Malt Society is an organization dedicated to the celebration of artisinal distilled spirits from around the world. We taste, research, and purchase our passion. The society includes members of the Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild and senior staff of Star Liquor.

Sponsors for this event include: Union Cab, The Isthmus, and Lakeside Press.

Tickets for the event are $55 and are limited in quantity so don’t delay. Ticket price includes a glass as well as specialty appetizers from the Edgewater.

In Madison tickets are available at:

Star Liquor (608)255-8041
The Malt House Tavern (608)204-6258
Yahara Bay Distilling (608)692-1858

For Milwaukee and Chicago Locations please check:


  1. Leopold Bros. makes a great gin. They were a brewpub/distillery in Michigan that stopped brewing to focus on distilling. Once they did that, they had no reason to be in Michigan (the taxes were so ridiculous that the only place they sold their spirits in the state was on-premise) so they moved to Colorado.

  2. FYI -small correction to the above info... There are THREE distilleries in Wisconsin... the First Was Great Lakes Distillery in Milwaukee...followed by 45th Parallel Spirits in New Richmond and then Yahara Bay in Madison...


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