Monday, December 1, 2008

New Glarus Apple Ale

Sorry, no eloquent waxing about the history of style today. For a variety of reasons, all we'll do today is a guest review the latest New Glarus Unplugged beer, the Apple Ale.

A few years back New Glarus regularly brewed an Apple beer in addition to their world-famous Wisconsin Belgian Red (Cherry) and Raspberry Tart. My sources all tell me that 3 of them didn't sell well, and while the apple was generally considered to be the best of them, it was also the most expensive, so it got axed. What is unclear is whether this recipe is the same as the old apple recipe, or whether this is entirely new - I wasn't around when that first apple beer was.

So, if you know this answer or who would like to reminisce about that old apple beer, feel free to comment.

New Glarus Apple Ale

Appearance: While the "original" apple beer was sold in the 750ml package like the Cherry and Raspberry are, this Apple Ale is sold in New Glarus' traditional Unplugged twelve-ounce bottle with red foil cap wrapper;
Appearance: Golden, very clear; I can almost watch the tv through it; in fact, you can read through it
Aroma: very faintly apple; smells like an apple is in the same room as you; a little more if you really stick your nose in it; very little aroma
Flavor: sour apple, but not sour green apple; not like candy apple; otherwise really smooth with a hint of tart apple - like a good granny smith
Body: a light beer, but not thin; not a big bodied beer
Drinkability: I could drink this all day and I can't drink many beers all day - does not give me any fullness; I could drink two back to back
Summary: could definitely get drunk on these without ever realizing you're drinking beer; me like it.


  1. Dan Carey told me that the Apple Ale recipe was basically the same every time, with some minor tweaks. When he gets in the shipment of Apples, he tastes the juice and judges the acidity and intensity of flavor, and adjusts the base beer accordingly.

  2. ::ahem:: Belgian Red.

    On-topic, can anyone speak to the similarities/differences/comparison between Apple Ale and Furthermore's Fallen Apple?

  3. The NG Apple Ale is certainly sweeter and has a much stronger "Apple" character in general while the Furthermore has a stronger beer base with a light apple flavoring. The NG is much closer to a cider in sweetness and light tartness.

    Also, the Apple Ale was last brewed about 4 years ago, also in the Unplugged series.

  4. Agreed the Apple Ale is more of an apple beer.

    While Fallen Apple is more of a cream ale with some apple.

    Both really yummy but certainly different.

    The original apple was before my time too but the one constant I hear from the old timers (sorry guys) is that they are really happy it is back.


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