Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Madison Beer Review Presents Beer Talk Today

This week we spoke with Dean Coffey, brewmaster and owner of Ale Asylum. We discuss his beginnings as a brewer, his split with the Angelic Brewery, his set up, the controversial SB224 brewpub law, his new beer Mercy, and more.

Here's the mp3.


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  1. I think Kyle (I think it was Kyle, maybe it was Jon?) made a great point about Dean only brewing beer that he (Dean) likes. Dean doesn't like sour browns, so he doesn't brew it.

    I find myself really wishing other breweries would have this same attitude. It would really cut down on the "noise" in the market; sour browns are popular, so everyone has to make one. IPAs were popular - so everyone made one. Before that American Ambers were popular so everyone made one. There was so much crap on the market that it wasn't really worth the effort of sorting through it to find the good stuff. Everyone (brewers and consumers) just ends up chasing the dragon and nothing interesting gets made. In this regard, I think Ale Asylum is right on.

    By the way, for those interested - JT Whitneys is now making a sour brown (they call it "Belgian Dark"). I think it suffices to say that once JT Whitneys has jumped on the bandwagon, it's time to move on.


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