Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wisconsin Brewery [News] Tour

I did some digging and found someone at The Great Dane willing to at least admit that the Dane is looking into Hereford and Hops in Wausau. It has not gotten any further than looking right now.

New Glarus' Alt will be available on November 14, 2008. The new Unplugged, Apple Ale, should also be hitting stores in November. Enjoy it!

Capital has released their annual report. Some interesting reading if you are the type of person to be interested by annual reports. Sales increases for Capital were modest (7.3% gain), but they suffered a an almost 20% rise in raw materials, a 142% rise in interest expenses, a 7.5% rise in marketing expenses. Overall, net income at Capital is down over $200,000 and it has eaten into their cash reserves. It's been a tough year for craft breweries - costs are eating into profit margins and can't be wholly pushed off on to customers. Customers are tightening their discretionary spending. Bank loans for capital expenditures have caused increased interest payments. Unfortunately for Capital they are a public company and must bare all for he universe to see. And, the silver lining, if there is one, is that even despite the rough year they still made money. Although, as if to pile on, despite their promises to fight Anheuser Busch over the trademark registration for "America's #1 Rated Brewery" Capital has abandoned the application for registration.

Speaking of trademark problems. Sand Creek's Brewers, Jim and Todd, have set up a blog and have been running it for a bit. It's a pretty interesting look into the day-to-day lives of brewers. Turns out Sand Creek is having some problems with another brewery using Sand Creek's trademark, Pioneer Pale Ale. Everyone collectively boo the poor sportsmanship and lack of creativity shown by stealing someone elses' beer names.

Milwaukee favorite, Stonefly Brewing Company, has a brand spankin' new website. But, like most breweries, can't seem to keep it up to date.

Finally, Furthermore Beer's graphic designer, Erin Fuller, won more awards from Print Magazine for her package design. Last year it was for the labels. This year it is for the six pack designs. Congrats, Erin. Now, they just need to start winning some awards for their beer.


  1. The New Glarus Apple ale is out, and i also got a 6-pack of the Alt at Sentry last weekend, although that's the only place I've seen it. Wonder if they got it early for some reason. Either way, it's friggin' good.

  2. We got the Apple and the Alt in this week - I'm very happy to see the apple back on the shelves.

    Interesting about H&H and Great Dane - H&H has had some great beers over the years, but also some not so great beers. They also have an interesting 'party pig' system to buy their beers.

  3. I think the brewer at H&H when they won all the awards is now the owner of Red Eye Brewing Company in Wausau.


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