Monday, October 6, 2008

I Figured I’ve Give These To You Now

... that way you have all week to read these articles.

Sorry, it was a bit of hectic weekend. By the time this post hits the airwaves, it will officially be 12 days and 3 hours to the moment of Reckoning, so instead of writing a really good article about beer that leaves you thinking about the complexity, profundity, and whimsicality of the neo-malt-fermentation movement in the geographical region North of Illinois, East of Minnesota, and South of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I will instead just link to a bunch of good articles that others have written that you should read.

Beer at Joe's: A quasi-review of New Glarus' Berliner Weiss (guess what? He likes it. Sorry to ruin the article.)
Brew Lounge: A review of one of my favorite places on the planet – La Cav du Vin in Cleveland Heights, OH. Too bad he couldn't stay longer, they have an interesting set-up there – if any of you reading this ever run into me, remind me to tell you about it, because I think their system would work really well here in Madison. Heck, if any of you reading this have any money that you want to give me so I can start La Cav du Vin Ouest, I think you'd make your money back fairly quickly.
STL Hops: An interesting idea – comment in the, well, comments, if you're interested in taking the MBR show on the road and doing a monthly meetup.
Seen Through A Glass: Lew Bryson and the NYTimes beat Madison Beer Review to the Oktoberfest Blind-Tasting Thing. More on this tomorrow (it's a Beer Talk Today thing), but let me tell you , you want, you need, to download tomorrow and Thursday's Beer Talk Today episode. Just please do not sue me when you bust your gut laughing so hard.
Hoosier Beer Geek: Lambics. 'Nuf said.
Andy Crouch's Beer Scribe: Andy talks about some Belgian-Brazilian company or something that bought this American brewery?
Vinography: Yeah, I know, not about beer, but it's a really good blog that has really interesting things to say about the wine industry that maybe the beer industry should take to heart. Things like, you know, counterfeiters.

And from the Only-In-Utah department, we have the latest in dumb: the state of Utah has effectively banned the sale of flavored malt beverages as of October 1. Anyone from Utah have more information about this? I'm going to have to hunt down some more information on this, since, well, it's stupid.

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  1. Thanks for the link - can't say Beer at Joe's reviews are the in depth analysis they should be - but hey that can change - we don't learn what we like until we learn what we don't. Thanks for the other articles - got to check those out.


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