Friday, September 12, 2008

Audience Participation: Beer Cocktails

One of the blogs that I check in on frequently is based out of San Francisco. Some guy named Joe. He likes to drink beer. Apparently he is taking a food writing course (how ambitious! I, believe it or not, have a book about food writing that I've skimmed on occasion, otherwise, we're free-ballin' here boys and girls!). During the course of the course (how's that for an awkward, "see I'm not really a writer", sentence!) he found a recipe for a beer cocktail called a Redeye.

For those of you familiar with the redeye, I'm sure you see where I'm going with this. For those of you unfamiliar with the redeye, it is a pint glass with a salted lime rim and one part tomato-water to four parts beer. I'm not familiar with "tomato water", but with tomato juice this is called, yep, a Chelada.

Now, I've never heard of this drink prior to probably a year ago. And, now we have two names for it, some confirmed dabbling in said black arts, and a grotesque mass-production bringing it into the public eye. What is this world coming to?

So, this raises, at least in my mind, a question. Maybe I'M the weird one. Maybe the whole world is in on the whole beer cocktail thing. What other outlandish cocktails exist that I am oblivious to? Do people really drink these things?

Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. I've seen no fewer than three articles in mainstream men's publications (GQ, that kind of stuff) in the last few years covering beer cocktails. A lot of 'em use Guinness, but some don't.

    Also, tomato water is not tomato juice. (see: this)

  2. The strangest one i've heard of was to take a malty/sweet but not too dark ale (a maibock is ideal) and add one full tablespoon of tobasco sauce. I've never had the courage to try it out, but I was told it's actually quite good.

  3. ...and by ale I actually meant lager...

  4. I dont like many beer cocktails, nor do I really like Guiness, but I have been known to order a Black Velvet (equal parts guiness and champange). They're delicious.

  5. I don't think someone could force me to drink the Bud Chelada - oh my it sounds bad. I have been interested in beer cocktails for a little while - its a play with your drink/food kinda thing. So far some combinations are really surprisingly good while others just suck - one i really liked was French biters and Czechvar.

    Oh and yeah tomato water is a lot lighter then tomato juice usually is - just the liquid no pulp or skin - I'm learning!

  6. Does Brasserie V's beer floats count? A little vanilla ice cream in your Lindemans Frambois makes for a good treat that maybe you shouldn't share with the kids.

  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, please, but I've always referred to this recipe as a bloody beer. A proper Red Eye requires a raw egg dropped into it a bloody beer, or so I've always believed.

  8. Chris - i think it is a difference in naming - with cocktails i get the impression that everyone names drinks whatever they want - the book i got the recipe from was The Ultimate Bar Book - there the red eye has no egg in it. They have a bloody brew also which has vodka, Tabasco and then tomato juice and beer. I know i have heard of a red eye with an egg in it - i remember in the movie Cocktail the older guy makes a red eye with a raw egg. I got to brave that drink one day.


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