Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Let’s Talk Pre-Great Taste Parties and Anniversaries

Some big news today.

The first news of note is that Friday August 8 is the first anniversary of Brasserie V. For the entire month of August they will be having drink specials and weekly giveaways. They have a beer dinner on August 25th to celebrate. There will be a tasting sometime later in the month, as well. But, Friday August 8 is their actual, real-live anniversary. And it just happens to coincide with the eve of the Great Taste of the Midwest, so you know Brasserie V will party in style. And you would be right. Because not only is 08.08.08 Brasserie V's anniversary, and the eve of the Great Taste, but it is also the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Oh wait. Not relevant. Sorry. It's the release of Stone Brewing Company's Vertical Epic. You see where this is going?

Stone Brewing will be having a joint Vertical Epic/Pre-Great Taste/Brasserie V Anniversary Party on this Friday evening. The 07.07.07 and the 08.08.08 will both be on tap. The IPA and Arrogant Bastard will also both be on-tap. Stone reps will be on-hand and some t-shirts and glassware and much more will be given away. Brasserie V will also be kicking out some special menu items for this epic evening.

But, wait! There's more!

What? More?! How is that possible?

Oh yeah. There's more. Because August 13th, 2008, next Wednesday (one week from today, you know) happens to be Madison Beer Review's first anniversary. Yeah. We've been at this for a full year. So, we're going to celebrate turning one year old with Brasserie V. If you'll recall, our first post ever was about a Pre-Great Taste event at Wonders with Dark Horse Brewery. Our third post, a few days later, was about Brasserie V, though at the time we didn't know the name of the place. By the following week we had managed to get on over there, where I had the stellar observation "you can tell the place is new." Why anyone continued to read after that is beyond me, but thank you!

So, in recognition of this interlocked fate, on August 13th we will have a celebration of sorts at Brasserie V where they have generously agreed to run beer specials for us and MBR will kick-in for some appetizers. We may even have some stuff to give away that night. We really hope to meet some of you great readers and commenters out there. More on this as it comes up, but get us on your calendar!

Because first we have some more Pre-Great Taste of the Midwest parties to get to:

  • Bells' at Maduro – The annual ritual is back. Expect crowds, but also lots of good beer. Starts at 2pm, 20 Bells taps.
  • New Holland Brewing Company at Dexter's Pub – New Holland is from Michigan and Dexter's is a newer pub on the East-Side
  • Surly at Alchemy (the old Wonders Pub) hosted by – I've never heard of, but Surly is definitely worth showing up for! Kegs aren't tapped until 10pm though
  • Of course, Stone Brewing Company is at Brasserie V – Vertical Epics, IPA and Arrogant Bastard on tap
  • O'Fallon will be at The Missouri Tavern out in Waunakee – O'Fallon is from near St. Louis and this could be a great introduction for them here in Wisconsin
  • Still waiting to hear if anything is going on at The Malt House - the rumor is that they are going to forego hosting a brewery and have some super-rare tap beers like Jolly Pumpkin, but we're still waiting for some confirmation. Update: Here's the latest from The Malt House: "I plan to feature several Great Taste breweries Friday night, but have not aligned myself with any one particular brewery for "conflict of interest" reasons, being the festival chairman and all. Besides my usual 6 Wisconsin lines (Grumpy Troll's Maggie IPA, NG Organic Revolution, Hopalicious, Rocky's Revenge, Groovy Brew, Lakefront Stein), I expect to add lines for O'So Brewing Co's imperial saison, Fox River Brewing Co's German pilsner, WeizenBam from Jolly Pumpkin, Bell's Porter, and Dragon's Milk from New Holland. We'll also have these 6 Belgians on draft: Kasteel Rouge kriek, Duchesse de Bourgogne, Pauwel Kwak, Piraat, St Bernardus Prior 8, and Chimay White/Triple."So, add The Malt House to your plan, cuz that's a strong lineup folks.

  • Edit: Add Summit at Madison's, Goose Island at Sardine

And one Post-Party that I know of: again, is hosting at Alchemy – this time it's the Michigan stalwarts, Founders.

By the way, you can track all the action yourselves at BeerAdvocate's Forums.

One Last Thing: As a birthday present from me to you, I have two tickets to the Quivey's Grove Beerfest on Saturday, September 27th that I am giving away. What!? Yeah. Here's what you have to do: write me a something. You can enter as many times as you want. Email it to with the subject "Quivey's Grove Writing Competition".

Here's the rules: 1) you have to be able to attend the Quivey's Grove Beerfest; 2) your piece has to be an original work of authorship written by you; 3) you have to let us print it on the site; 4) submissions should include your name and email address.

You can write about whatever you want during the month of August. Write about the Pre-Great Taste events, the Great Taste, review the new beer bar opening up on Monroe Street (Monroe Street Bistro), review a beer using whatever criteria you like, write a moving piece of fiction about beer. Write whatever the heck you want. I'll print them as I receive them (include a note in your email if you want it printed anonymously). At the end of the month, we'll pick the best one to win the tickets.

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  1. I was in Sardine Tuesday night and they said that at the Goose Island party last year the Beer & Food was free for the first 2 hours. I am looking forward to getting my hands on some of that Bourbon Co. Stout they had at Natt Spill.


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