Monday, August 25, 2008

Due To Popular Demand

HAHA! I lied! Nobody has really demanded any of this, except #3, but it's still cool nonetheless:

.5) Summit Brewery will be at Dexter's Pub tonight (Monday, August 25). Why? Does it matter? Get over there and drink some good Minnesotan beer. Maybe they'll have their Oktoberfest with them. Speaking of which ...

1) Oktoberfest season is almost upon us. Last year, one of our first features was a month-long blind tasting of Oktoberfest beers. If you remember, Capital Brewery "won" that blind tasting. Capital has already jumped the gun and released their Oktoberfest at the beginning of August; Tyranena is in the process of bottling theirs. I can smell the caramel malts in the air. This year we'll have some more stuff for Oktoberfest - it's going to remain a secret for now, but it is related to item number 2, below:

2) Starting tomorrow, Madison Beer Review is going multi-media! I know, I know, you are all amazed. But, MBR has hooked up with the Kyle, Matt and Jon at Beer Talk Today to bring you 30 minute podcasts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Never fear, we will still publish this printed stuff on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can hear their latest, on-the-spot interviews at the Great Taste of the Midwest, here. Tomorrow they'll bring you the Beer Games; it's sort of like the Olympics in Beijing, except without the underage girls.

3) I have to admit defeat. In my review of The Malt House and in subsequent posts, I have been lambasted (I have also been accosted on the street for this) for my stance that I thought The Malt House needed something to keep people there - TVs, dart boards, pool tables, food. After a second visit late last week, I am a convert. No distractions necessary - I was impressed with the way that the sound of conversation can just fill up a room. On a random Thursday evening the place was mostly full and people were engaged in conversation. Without the other noises and diversions, these conversations just filled the space in a glorious white noise. The place looks great, with colorful walls and posters and mahogany bars and brass taps - a bit of overkill with the Chimay breweriana, but that's a pretty fine nit to pick. And, they had Jolly Pumpkin's Weizen Bam on-tap for $4; my heart melted. Now, if I just lived on the East Side ... damn you lakes!! I curse your inconvenience!!

4) You still have a week to get in your entry for the Quivey's Grove Beerfest Tickets. Write me a post about anything you like, email it to, and you could win two tickets to the Quivey's Grove Beerfest on September 27.

5) Some smart-ass forwarded this comic (apologies to United Press Syndicate):

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