Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why Is There Always So Much Sausage With Beer?

I think it has to do with the "beer gut" - the paunch associated with the lazy, now-married, starting to have kids, lawnmower and golf beer. But, beer has this reputation for making us fat. And rightly so. And, I think that's what keeps the ladies away from the stuff. Which is unfortunate, because that means when us guys are drinking there is a very high likelihood that we are drinking with other dudes.

An informal recollection of average beer drinking guys, gives me the entirely scientific conclusion that the average dude drinks something like 8 beers during the course of a five hour poker game. At somewhere near 150 calories for a "normal" beer, 200 calories for a "dark" beer, and 100 calories for a "lite" beer, it is the equivalent of anything from a light dinner to your recommended caloric intake for an entire day. Add to that the typical consumption of chips, pizza, and beef jerky and it's no wonder that we have beer guts.

So, the inability of your average guy to regulate his own calorie intake, makes an entire class of consumables seem much more unhealthy than they are. Sound familiar? Yeah. The pork rind folks have a similar issue, I think.

Anyway. My point is, that a "serving" of beer (12 ounces, typically) is not really significant higher in calorie content than a single serving of wine; although one could argue that the beer's recommended "serving size" is much truer to the actual consumed serving size than wine's recommended serving size. When was the last time your wine glass contained a mere 4 ounces? Yeah, if it's anything like mine, probably when you were done with half of the wine that had been poured. And each "serving" of wine has about 100 calories. So, a "generous" wine pour is about the same as a beer.

Yet, the females prefer their "sophisticated" wine, and the guys all gather round the keg.

Thankfully, there are at least a couple of beer chicks out there. Now, if we can just get more brewsters.


  1. I don't know, when you post multiple links regarding "beer chicks", I would expect at least one or two of them to point to pictures of hot girls drinking beer. Is that too much too ask?!??!

  2. Brewsters:

  3. Brian, I hope you're kidding.

    -- Beer Chick

  4. All joking aside, sausages and beer taste really effing great together. If there were less joking about this pairing, maybe more women would get serious about beer.

  5. Fortunately, I happen to be married to a gorgeous Beer Chick, who also rides a motorcycle. It's good to be me!


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