Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some Things To Look Forward To

Most immediately (and this is the last time I mention this, I promise): Tonight (Wednesday) is the Stone Crawl in Milwaukee. Starts at 7pm at Sugar Maple, The Stone, Lulu's, and Roman's in BayView. There will be a bus going between each of these so you can get to the bars that are a little further away.

Thursday is the Stone Release Party at Maduro in Downtown Madison. Starts around 6pm.

OK, so that's it for Stone for a while.

Some upcoming new releases:

Tyranena Brewers Gone Wild: Scurvy Orange-Peel IPA; a 6.5% ABV Extra IPA brewed with orange peels – should be on shelves in Madison, but I haven't seen it and Woodman's on the west side does not have it.

"The orange comes through in the aroma and a bit in the flavor and contributed somewhat to the bitterness. I am now debating whether to dry hop the beer at all for fear that the orange character will be overwhelmed... but what the heck... it's not an IPA from us unless it has been dry-hopped. For those that are interested, we used Summit as our bittering hop, Simcoe as a flavor hop, added both Summit and Simcoe in the whirlpool and will be dry-hopping with Summit and Simcoe. May add some orange peel to the fermenter to enhance the aroma and flavor"

New Glarus Unplugged: Berliner Weiss – should be available sometime in July. I'm super excited about this beer. The Berliner Weiss is a rare style of wheat beer (typically more than 50% of the grain bill is wheat), and is sour, similar to open-fermentation Belgian beers. It is typically served, in Berlin, with various flavor syrups to compliment the sourness.

Ale Asylum: The Tripel Nova Belgian Tripel is available at the brewpub, and you can now sit outside in their beer garden.

Capital: The website now lists a "Rustic Ale", an unfiltered amber ale, as a year-round beer; yet to see this one in the wild, but we'll keep an eye out – made with grain from Washington Island (apparently, they are going to milk that one for all it's worth); how it will fit with their very popular Amber offering is yet to be seen.

Furthermore: Will be unveiling a new beer on June 28th at their barn party in Spring Green (party starts at 5pm – if you don't know where the Furthermore Sh*##y Barn is, just ask someone in Spring Green).

Lakefront: The White (wit) should be out soon.

Rush River: Small Axe Golden Ale, a quasi-hefe-weizen, should be out, if you live in an area where Rush River is available.

Stevens Point: Nude Beach is out and lightening up the summer.

Sand Creek: One of these days I'll have to review the Hard Lemonade.

Viking: Queen Victoria's Secret IPA is out, the Dim Whit is out in July.

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  1. I've tried the Capital Rustic a couple of times now and I've really enjoyed it. They had it on tap at the Middleton Big Event a couple of weeks ago, but thunderstorms cut my consumption to just two. I haven't seen it in the stores yet.


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