Monday, May 19, 2008

A Week of Grilling And Beer - Day 1

A Week of Grilling and Beer - Day 1Back on May 7, we had an article dissecting a poorly written article about the "Best Brews for BBQ ... wines, too!" It was an atrocious article that purported to question experts about the best beers to drink with your summer bbq. We complained at the time that not only were the "experts" very poorly informed, but their recommendations (a nut brown ale and a smoked porter) were downright bad. So, we promised that this week, the week before Memorial Day, we would run a series of articles that actually attempt to make some legitimate recommendations.

We have some great guests this week, so stay tuned!

For today, I wanted to get some of my own recommendations out of the way.

My favorite part of grilling is the sheer simplicity of it. Burgers, hotdogs, and steaks just taste better on a charcoal grill than out of an electric oven, or stove top. And it's not just that earthy, sweet, smoky flavor that the grill imparts; but, it's the experience. Slowing down the day and kibitzing with the family and neighbors while the grill heats up. Cracking open a cold, crisp beer and having a few laughs in the midst of fresh summer breezes bringing the aroma of fire and meat and vegetables.

Needless to say, a smoked porter is not particularly well suited for this task. For sipping while chilling try beers that are light and crisp, such as the New Glarus Edel Pils, the Ale Asylum Gold Digger, and the Lakefront Cream City Pale Ale. Of course, your intrepid journalographer, ummm ... me, prefers a bit of sweet caramel with that cold crispness, so I generally reach for the amber ales and lagers such as Ale Asylum's Ambergeddon, Leinie's Red, and Point Amber. At the end of the night, when I'm sitting by the bonfire, stick in hand and marmallow fingers, the beers of choice are nice and hoppy pale ales like Central Waters' Lac Du Bay IPA, Tyranena's Bitter Woman, and Capital's US Pale Ale.

So, there's just a few ideas. I know, it's no ode to impeccable genius of pairing grilled meats with the perfect beer. But, trust me, our experts that will be here the rest of the week have some awesome, awesome ideas.

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