Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wisconsin Brewery Tour

This is the Wisconsin Brewery Tour, we check the various breweries around the state and fill you in on what's going on. It's a good way to get everyone up-to-date on what the Wisconsin breweries are up to for the month (or so).

Minhas: Nothing new to report. They still don't have any information about Lazy Mutt on the site; in fact the first result when I google "lazy mutt beer" is a press release 'review' from the Sioux City Journal. By the way, RateBeer gives it an "8" ("nose and taste of corn, cardboard, and hay. Club soda finish") and BeerAdvocate gives it a "D+" ("Kind of like rotten fruit mixed with molasses.")

Ale Asylum: Nothing new to report on their site. Rumor has it that the Tripel is out this week, though.

Blu Creek: Nothing new on their website; the events are still from 2007.

Capital Brewery: You can get tickets for the Belleville American Music Festival (July 11-12, 2008) at the brewery. The Beer Garden officially opens on May 23rd; May 24th is Saturday Night at the Movies with National Lampoon's European Vacation!

Central Waters: Nothing new to report. The tap room at the brewery in Amherst is open Friday 4-9pm and Saturdays 3-9pm.

Furthermore: The 2008 Fatty Boombalatty is on shelves as of March.

The Great Dane: Bands at each of the locations regularly through May. Mother's Day (May 11) brunches downtown and in Fitchburg - reservations recommended.

Gray's: Nothing new to report.

Lake Louie: Still nothing new.

Lakefront Brewery: Lakefront is one of the few micros available at Miller Park. May Madness for the Guitar Hero tournament begins May 11. Beer dinner on May 9.

Minocqua Brewing: Will be at Red Crown Lodge on May 10th.

New Glarus: In July New Glarus will be releasing a Beliner Weiss for its "Unplugged" series - this should be really fun as it is a style that is very rare outside of Germany. We'll have more when it is out. Edel Pils is out in May and Dancing Man Wheat is out in July.

Pearl Street Brewery: No new news to report, apparently.

Rowland's Calumet Brewing: Finally online!! Beer Fest on May 18th is sold out.

Rush River Brewing: Still unavailable in Madison or Milwaukee. Their hefeweizen is now in season!

Sprecher: MaiBock was released last week. May is Sprecher's Book Drive - so take them a book! May 5th is the "Blessing of the Bock" at the Falcon Bowl. And May 18th is the Calumet Beer Fest!

Steven Point Brewery: Nothing in the near future. The "Nude Beach" wheat ale is out on May 1st.

Leinenkugel's: Summer Shandy is out and distribution has been extended. Leinie Lodge Family Reunion is June 14th.

Sand Creek: I was intercepted by when I tried to visit. Is everything OK up there?

Tyranena: May 4th is Brunch at the Brewery. May 5th is Bark and Brew, a series of doggy seminars. Brewers Gone Wild now available: Devil Over A Barrel Imperial Oatmeal Coffee Porter Aged in Bourbon Barrels (that's a hell of a name!)

Viking: website was down - sorry guys!


  1. Barry from Sand Creek Brewing Co. here -- sorry about the spyware that was on the website in March -- our IP got hacked! It's all cleared up now and safe to visit!

  2. Pearl Street's got lots going on!
    You can find out what's going on at Pearl Street Brewery by checking the events calendar:
    or subscribing to the email newsletter by clicking a link on their website here:


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