Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What The Heck Is She Looking At?

It's kind of fun roaming the aisles of the local retail outlets and trying something that looks interesting simply because it's there. To wit: The Tucher Bajuvator Doppelbock (I dare you click on the link - the damned music will not be gone from my head!). (BA. RB.)

Tucher Brau
This 8.2% ABV doppelbock is made by the Bavarian Brauhaus, Tucher. Founded in 1672, it is one of the world's oldest constantly active breweries (although, the oldest, still active, brewery in the world is Weihenstephan, just around the corner in Freising, Bavaria, founded 632 years earlier in 1040). Today, this historic brewery is owned by the Radeberger Group, purveyors of the hubristically-named Radeberger Club Edition.

It only seems inevitable that the world will see "Bajuvator Platinum Ice Edition - the world's illest iced doppelbock, perfect for you and your homies to chill with." Or however they say that in the posh Nurnberg nightclubs. Or, gathering from the advertising image above: "Bajuvator Noir - the nightcap before your nightcap." With Bajuvator, you can spend the perfect evening staring vacantly at the moon and the stars overlooking the night-time cityscape wondering if you're going to be getting any before you dump the blonde moron your assistant had the nerve to set you up with because her high school friend is 36 and still single - when you told her you had a "deposition" today she asked which bank you used because her friend Molly is a teller at the one on the square and she's so nice and friendly and stuff; if that doesn't say "Tucher" (pronounced with a short "u" and a "ch" as in "church"??), I don't know what does.

Seriously, what the hell is she looking at? Perhaps some commenters might make some suggestions as to what she is thinking about or looking at?

Tucher Bajuvator
Appearance: dark saddle brown, with a creamy 1/2-finger head well-carbonated
Aroma: big, malty aromas, mildly sweet and slightly caramelized with a hint of nuttiness and hoppy grassiness
Flavor: thick and porter-like; almost like a sharp, ester-y oatmeal stout; the full flavors coat the mouth pleasantly and leave a bright alcohol-metallic taste
Body: full-bodied, a classic doppelbock mouthfeel
Drinkability: a completely harmless beer; perfect for sipping on while watching early season baseball games from the warm comfort of your own home; would pair nicely with burgers or pizza
Summary: if you like doppelbocks, this is right up your alley, a perfect example of the style with no accoutrements or American-ized flavors to get in the way


  1. I don't mean to be morbid, but really, the slack muscles of the face, the waxy skin? I don't think this young lady is looking at anything any more...

    Tucher: Das Bier des Todes.

  2. Having grown up in Belleville, WI I'm inclined to go with an Unidentified Flying Object.


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