Friday, March 14, 2008

Audience Participation - Random Beer

I'm going to keep at this until we actually get some audience participation here.

So, what's the best or worst random beer you've had? A beer that you've ended up getting at the store because the retail help recommended it and was right or very very wrong. Or, beer that someone brought because they know you like beer that either hit the spot or completely missed the mark.

My interest was piqued on the first grilling day of the year yesterday. We went to Brennan's to pick up some stuff to throw on the grill and while there we got some beer. While I was at the car, the other person came out with a beer that the beer guy had told her was a "good brunch beer." What qualified that for a grilled steak dinner is beyond me, but it was under his recommendation.

It was the El Toro William Jones Wheat Ale. (BA. RB.) It was actually all right - not about to make me give up hope for the recommendations at Brennan's. A run-of-the-mill American Wheat Ale. Unfortunately, we're kind of spoiled in Wisconsin, and the wheat ales available from our own in-state breweries outshine this every day of the week.

So, what's the best, or worst, random beer you've had?


  1. I was at the Weary Traveler the other day and decided to try a Russian Imperial Stout they had in bottles. I don't remember which one it was, but perhaps someone else remembers. I usually like stouts and dark beers in general, but this one just didn't taste very good. I was just getting over a sickness, so perhaps the ole' tastebuds were a little off. The experience seemed salty to me, which isn't something I like in a beer.

    I'll give it another shot sometime soon. I'll try anything 2 or 3 times.

  2. A coworker was "nice" enough to buy a beer while vacationing in Arizona and bring it back to the office to share. Well, it turned out to be Cave Creek Chili Beer. Not wanting to be a beer snob, I cracked it open and took a small sip. After we all sampled it, we drain-poured it immediately. He was totally OK with us throwing away the second bottle.

  3. Wisconsin Brewing Co's Cranberry Special Ale is the only beer I've been unable to finish a bottle of. So. Gross.

  4. Speaking of Cranberry Ales - Sand Creek makes one and I couldn't give them away fast enough. Having said that, keep in mind that I don't like cranberries and others whose opinions I tend to trust have assured me they don't find it nearly as repulsive. It actually wasn't that bad if it was served ice cold; but as soon as it warmed up the cranberries were too much for me.

  5. The rauch biers were sprung on me with fair warning that there is no middle ground to them, love 'em or leave 'em, so I cannot say I was not warned. And yet, still so surprising. How can a beer taste so much like salami? It was like I had been slipped a novelty Jones soda instead of a high-caliber smoked beer. And really, I love beer, I love salami, what's not to like? good for me.
    On a side note, check out Dr. Weil touting beer as an Alzheimer preventative:

  6. I picked up a sizer of Atwater Vanilla Java Porter the other day. I was mainly interested in seeing how a Detroit brewery would do, since I don't exactly associate Detroit with, you know, good things. I can't say I found the beer to be bad, but I should have read beyond the "Detroit" on the label - I'm not partial to sweet flavorings in my morning cup of joe, let alone a coffee beer. The upside was my buddy's wife, normally not a beer-drinker, found this to be "delicious" and "just like a latte."

  7. Worst beer I ever had was Coors "Arctic Ice"..not sure if they still make it. Oh, the college days.


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