Friday, February 15, 2008

Wisconsin Brewery Tour

We're going to start yet another running feature here. We'll call it Wisconsin Brewery Tour, and we'll basically check out the various breweries around the state and fill you in on what's going on. It's a good way to get everyone up-to-date on what the Wisconsin breweries are up to for the month.

Minhas: Nothing new to report. Brewery tours are up and running and for the "uheard of" (take that for what it's worth) price of $10, you can tour the facility and taste some beer. Strangely the Lazy Mutt is not in the beer selection.

Ale Asylum: Nothing new to report on their site.

Blu Creek: Nothing new on their website.

Capital Brewery: BockFest! February 23, you can head over to Capital Brewery in Middleton, drink the new MaiBock and Blonde Dopplebock, catch some flying fish, listen to some great music and have an all-around dandy ol' time. Festivities start at 11am and the taps get turned off at 4pm.

Central Waters: The winners of the 2007 Great Heron Homebrew Competition have been posted. This year's winner is an old ale made by Edward Mathis from Beecher, WI. Mr. Mathis will be "Brewmaster for a Day" at Central Waters and get to make his recipe on Central Waters' seven barrel system for serving on-tap at the brewpub. The recipe will also be entered by Central Waters' in the new Pro-Am category of the Great American Beer Fest! An awesome prize. Congratulations the Mr. Mathis.

Furthermore: The MakeWeight is officially out in the wild now, so if you can find it, buy it. And you can now find it in more places as Furthermore is now distributed in Madison, Milwaukee, the Twin Cities, Eau Claire, Manitowoc, Appleton, Sheboygan, Green Bay and Door County.

The Great Dane: St. Patrick's Day specials like green beer, corned beef and cabbage and Irish stew (probably an Irish stout or two as well). Also, available only at the Hilldale location, the Notoberfest - an Octoberfest-style beer brewed all-year-round.

Gray's: It's hard to know when it was posted (presumably February 13, 2008), but brewery tours are cancelled this weekend; so, if you were planning on trekking down to Janesville (or you live there!), put it off for two weeks.

Lake Louie: Nothing new to report, other than that they need to update their site more frequently ;)

Lakefront Brewery: Preparing for the release of their Snake Chaser Irish Stout. Tonight is their Beer Dinner and special tour by head brewer Russ Klisch focusing on Lakefront's environmental efforts.

Minocqua Brewing: Beer Tasting class on March 3rd and the Taste of Tomahawk on March 15.

New Glarus: They are just putting the finishing touches on the new brewery (nice drawing Deb!). The next in the Unplugged Series, the Imperial Weizen, comes out this month; while I'll reserve judgement, my opinion on "imperial" versions of light styles is well-known - I'm not averse to the beers, but I'm not a fan of the nomenclature.

Pearl Street Brewery: No new news to report, apparently.

Rush River Brewing: Now bottling in six-packs from their new outpost in River Falls, WI. While they are not available in Madison yet, you can find many of the beers in the Minnesota/Wisconsin border area. With an interesting pedigree, and three solid styles (IPA, Amber and Porter) as the backbone, this may be a brewery to keep an eye on.

Sprecher: February 29th is the "Leap Year Party!" The beer pages are very informative for each of their styles.

Steven Point Brewery: The Maibock is now available. The Point Bock Run is March 1.

Leinenkugel's: No events planned until June. The Big Butt Dopplebock, a 5.8% bock brewed with chocolate and caramel malts, is now available in stores; not really "big" but we'll let them have their marketing anyway.

Sand Creek: Manitowac Jaycees Beer Lover's Brew Fest is Saturday the 16th from 5pm to 9pm. And on February 23rd is the 3rd Annual Bid N' Brew to raise money for the Fond du Lac Area Catholic Education System (FACES) (is it just me, or does it seem strange that a Catholic organization is using beer to raise money!?). You can see a lot of their other events here; and, there are a lot of them!

Tyranena: The Dirty Old Man Imperial Rye Porter is now (finally!) available - bottles have been spotted in the wild at such places as the West-Side Woodman's; it is also on tap here in Madison at The Local. March 13th is The Hop Luck O' The Irish; a pot-luck of corned beef and cabbage, with a competition to judge the best (the use of Tyranena beer as an ingredient is the only requirement).

Viking: Viking is now being distributed in the Twin Cities! March 27th is a brewery dinner at Native Bay Restaurant in Chippewa Falls, WI (there's some confusion here, as Native Bay's website shows Viking last December and Bell's in March, while Viking's website says theirs is in March - maybe someone can clear this up for us?).

I think that about covers it. Enjoy!

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