Monday, February 18, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

Artist Series T-Shirt 1 - Adopt-a-BullFirst, it is the distinct pleasure of Madison Beer Review to offer our very first Artist Series' t-shirt designs. Designed by Missy Goodman, an artist residing Portage, WI, the "Adopt-A-Bull" shirt looks great and the sales of this shirt will help support the Columbia County Humane Society. Please support the CCHS, Missy and Madison Beer Review through your purchase of this great shirt!

Second, Bryan over at The Brew Lounge asked for an update on our Miller Chill challenge: we have two people who both outed other people (in one case a wife, and in another case, a roommate) as Miller Chill lovers. We actually have reports of a third that will be revealed very soon; and the answer may be very surprising ("Next, on the News at 10 O'Clock, People that Love Miller Chill; the answer may SHOCK you!"). And speaking of Bryan, he was nice enough to send some Philadelphia beers our way (Victory's Baltic Thunder; the forefather of the Baltic Thunder, now-defunct Heavyweight Brewery's Perkuno's Hammer; and Sly Fox's Saison Vos) and on NEXT Monday we will have some reviews of those legendary beers for you.

Third, speaking of blogs, a tour of some Midwest-Region beer blogs that should be regular reading:

Beer Dorks: Their recent discussion of Earl Butz and the industrialization of American agriculture is a must-read. Despite its length, the article's greatest flaw is that it is not longer.

Kent Palmer: Beer writer for Madison Magazine; his most recent post about the place of modern American brewing may just bring a tear to your eye.

Pint and Fork: Another Madison-area blog about beer (and food), Nick's writing is some of the most intelligent I've read about food and drink in and around Madison. His dissertation on organic labeling will destroy your morning and make you think twice (or even three or four times) about that organic certification.

Hoosier Beer Geek: Their most recent post rounds up some good time killing articles, but their review of the Bud Chelada is classic.

STL Hops: I went to a store the other day and someone commented that the writing here at MBR was "prolific" - I wish we could be half as prolific as STL Hops. A true resource for finding and exploring beer. The listing of local availability is something we are working on here.

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