Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Bounty

I am offering a bounty for anyone who can honestly claim that they like "Miller Chill" or "Bud Chelada". This includes people in the "target demographic" (hispanics and females). I have yet to meet anyone who actually likes either drink. Yet, the success of Chill is all the talk at Miller; it passed 350,000 barrels in mid-October. [cite] Even despite "Miller Chill [being] priced as a worthmore, not a “regular brand.”" [cite] (by the way, priced as a "worthmore"? Who talks like that?!) Yet, let's look at some reviews of Miller Chill from around the web; we'll throw "miller chill review" into the ol' Google-o-tron:

Beer Advocate ("Pardon me, but just what the f--- is this?")
more from Beer Advocate ("a beer for people that don't like beer. It actually tastes like a really bad diet soda.")
Opinionated Beer Page ("It is unspeakably foul and in a vomit-green bottle to boot.") ("I can’t imagine buying it ...")
Slashfood (comment: "it tastes like urine from a dehydrated person. water is vastly superior.")
Cat Dirt Sez (comment: "nay. it is truly, truly terrible.") (comment: "I wouldnt know from experience but I bet it tastes like it has passed through a goat." - although to be fair, this site, inexplicably, has a number of "positive" reviews, but as one of the comments points out "Just wanted to point out that real people do not all say marketing stuff like “this is a great summer beer” or “so refreshing”. It is sad when you have to put fake replys to sell a terrible product!")
And, seriously, if this is the best Miller can find to support its product, it should re-evaluate itself.

And that's just the first ten hits off google. My own experience with Miller Chill (served at Lambeau Field no less!) was less than positive, and I have yet to speak to a single person who actually likes this stuff. Yet, in speaking with local distributors, it flies off shelves. Who is buying this stuff? If you have bought a six-pack or greater of this stuff AND enjoyed it, please comment here. You need not post your name, this is purely an intellectual exercise; but I am truly interested in knowing who is drinking this stuff and why you like it.

I know, Miller Chill has been out for almost a year, why bring this up now? Well, apparently this stuff is so "great", that Anheuser-Busch is making one now. Probably to mix with the Bud Chelada product that is clamato and beer. And, an extra bounty if anyone can bring to me a single person who ever, EVER, had beer with tomato and clam juice prior to Anheuser-Busch putting one in a can.


  1. My wife loves Miller Chill. Of course, my wife isn't a beer lover per se. She's never going to be a beer connoisseur. She enjoys a nice, cold, mild, non-bitter, non-hoppy beer. I doubt that you'll find many beer snobs that do like Chill, but that's not who they are going after here. They are going after the margins, the people who would be happier with a glass of wine or a gin and tonic than an IPA.

    Additionally, I don't think you can underestimate the tastes that the Latino market brings to the table. Both of these beers are supposedly of Mexican origin, and that is a huge and growing domestic market.

  2. My roommate buys and drinks this stuff a lot.

    He can appreciate good beer, and I know he likes it, so I continue to not understand this. At least he's leaving my Mudpuppy Porter alone. Mine ... alllll mine!

  3. Interesting. So we have two (and, an unbelievable third, that will be revealed next week), one of whom is within the target demographic (female, non-beer drinkers), another of whom is delusional (;)

    If you two can get a hold of me by emailing, you can collect your bounty. Thanks!


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