Friday, December 14, 2007

One More Item For Your Holiday Shopping Pleasure

It's official. Your dreams have come true. You can now purchase Madison Beer Review T-Shirts!

Printed locally, these handsome t-shirts provide an instant indicator of your predilection for local, craft beer and your amazing good taste.

More importantly though, each purchase of a t-shirt results in a donation to a local charity. We believe strongly in our community. We show our commitment through our emphasis on local breweries, local brewpubs, local restaurants, and the selections available at your local retail outlets. We feel it is important to support our local businesses because it keeps our money where it is needed most - here in Wisconsin. We continue that commitment by sending 30% of the profits of our t-shirts to a local charity. As we develop more designs with area artists, we will add more t-shirts and more charities.

The first charity selected is one that is vital to the survival of Madison Beer Review: Literacy Network. Without people that can read, we wouldn't exist.

Literacy Network provides learner-centered literacy services to Dane County adults. This is accomplished through one-to-one tutoring of reading, writing, and English speaking skills; ESL classes; and their First Step Learning Lab.

Literacy Network helps about 1,000 learners every year achieve life goals through literacy, such as:

» Reading to children
» Reading a newspaper
» Describing illnesses to doctors
» Talking to their child's teacher
» Filling out job applications
» Developing a résumé
» Entering training programs
» Improving basic skills to move into a GED program

You can help the Literacy Network by becoming a tutor, participating in their Run/Walk (fka, Canterbury Run/Walk), participating in Literacy 24/7, or by purchasing one of our t-shirts.

ps. Sorry for the pitiful image; it was the best we could put together in a short period of time - if anyone would like to donate some product photography skills, we might be able to work a trade out. Also, thanks to Idun Consulting for helping us get this up and running.

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