Saturday, August 18, 2007

And The Name Is ...

Brasserie V

Sorry to the folks at Brasserie V. The fine editors over at The Daily Page have been kind enough to link to my post about you. Unfortunately, my quote may have been seen a bit out of context. To wit (no pun intended! though Brasserie V does have a few fine wits if you would like to dry the yeasty, fruity, light summer beers), the bit about most of the beers (those in bottles, as the the context would have implied, but was stripped in the Daily Page excerpt) being available in retail outlets around town for considerably less.

I don't see this as an inherent problem. We see this all the time. Think, particularly, about wine that we buy for dinner at a restaurant (or indeed, any beer that we buy at a bar). We don't go to a bar because they have good prices on drinks. We go to a bar because we identify in some way with that bar, or because the bar provides some service that we desire. Thus, just because I can get Piraat at Steve's or Riley's for $10 (instead of $18) doesn't mean I'm going to just stay at home and drink it there.

Hopefully that clears some of that up.

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