Monday, October 17, 2011

Kohler Food and Wine Experience - And the Winner Is ...

You'll recall that we are giving away some tickets to Kohler Food and Wine Experience. And, more specifically, to the Oktoberfest celebration contained therein. There were 22 entrants via web, Facebook, and Twitter. I used to draw a truly random number between 1 and 22.

The lucky winner is ... Number 5.

Number 5 you can claim your prize by sending me an email with your name, email address, and the name of the lucky person attending with you. I will put you in touch with the fine folks at Kohler and they will get you set up with your 2 passes to Kohler Oktoberfest on Saturday Night!

Oh. You probably want to know who Number 5 is don't you?

Jen Jeneric who entered via Facebook. Congrats Jen.

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