Monday, October 3, 2011

Great American Beer Fest Winners 2011

This past weekend was yet another Great American Beer Fest. While MBR went last year, we were unable to attend this year. Nonetheless, they held the event anyway.

Congratulations to the following Wisconsin breweries (and brewpubs). They each brought home some bling (do people still say "bling"?):

New Glarus Brewing Company: Blacktop IPA: American-style Black Ale: Gold
New Glarus Brewing Company: Raspberry Tart: Fruit Beer: Gold
Capital Brewing Company: Autumnal Fire: German-style Doppelbock or Eisbock: Gold
Capital Brewing Company: Eisphyre: German-style Doppelbock or Eisbock: Bronze
Lakefront Brewing Company: New Grist: Gluten-Free Beer: Silver
Vintage Brewing Company: Wee Heavy: Scotch Ale: Silver


  1. They each brought home some bling (do people still say "bling"?):

    Only bad people :)

  2. Happy for Scott and the Vintage crew. Not surprised about the Capital brews or the raspberry tart. Somewhat shocked blacktop brought home a gold in that category though...

  3. Thanks Zach! There has been much dialogue about the importance and relevance of awards like this, within this very blogspace. I'll just say it's a pretty big stage to walk across, and we're mighty proud we got the chance!


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