Friday, September 9, 2011

Who Owns Your Beer?

Phillip Howard, Assistant Professor at Michigan State University, has some great slides on the beer industry that you might find interesting. At the very least, I find them interesting.

The first is a chart of brand ownership. It basically shows that 11 breweries own the vast majority of the most popular brands.

The second graphic points out that just two firms, AB-InBev (47.9) and MillerCoors (28.9), have almost 77% of the market share. Boston Beer, the largest craft brewer in the nation, has a mere 1.1% of the national market share.
This is one of my favorite graphics:

Finally he ends with a graphic showing Breweries per Capita by State. Which, we are all pretty familiar with, so I'll leave it to you to check out on his site.
This isn't really anything that we didn't already know. But these are some unique graphical representations that help to drive home the point of what, exactly, 5% of market share looks like. More importantly, it shows why, despite minor protestations, Miller and AB are not particularly afraid of craft beer. They are, however, savvy enough to recognize general trends (double digit growth of craft for almost every year of the 2000s) and are making plans to head craft brewers (via its lobbying entity the Brewers Association) off at the pass before craft becomes big enough to loosen the grip that the big brewing cabal have on the industry.


  1. Goose Island is no longer a part of the craftbrewers alliance they have been kicked out due to their recent total acquisition from inbev


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