Friday, July 22, 2011

Pre-Great Taste 2011 #4 - The Hits Just Keep On Comin'

Well, here's another set of Pre-Parties on Friday Night. Once most of them are in (and I know there's still a lot out there), I'll put together a comprehensive list.

Glass Nickel Pizza (2916 Atwood Ave, Near East) - Founders Brewing Co (Grand Rapids, MI)

Tipsy Cow (102 King St, Downtown) - New Holland Brewing Co (New Holland, MI)

The Coopers Tavern (20 West Mifflin St, Downtown) - Lagunitas Brewing Co (Petaluma, CA)

Jordans Big Ten Pub (1330 Regent St, Near West) - Jolly Pumpkin (Dexter, MI) and Upland Brewing Co (Bloomington, IN) will bring some special lambics and a milk stout for you to sample.

Old Fashioned (23 N Pinckney St, Downtown) - Hinterland (Green Bay, WI)

Brasserie V (1923 Monroe St, Near West) - Shelton Brothers Importers

Alchemy Cafe (1980 Atwood Ave, Near East) - Potosi Brewing Co (Potosi, WI) - The Alchemy Cafe will be hosting the Potosi Brewing Co. preparty on Friday August 12th at 8pm. Later in the evening(around 11) the band Nuggernaut will be playing some funk/jazz

Tempest (formerly Magnus) (120 E Wilson St, Downtown) - O'so Brewing Co (Plover, WI) - 8 O'so lines with very Rare O'so Beers and a fundraiser with some proceeds going the Underground Kitchen

Another Thursday Night Event has been added as well:
The Malt House - Upland Brewing Co (Bloomington, IN)

Some Updates on Previous Announcements:

Drackenbergs - to quote Nate Peck, Assistant Brewer of Sand Creek Brewery, "I will sweeten the pot by saying that Sand Creek will be providing some very special beers. One very special beer will be in a very special barrel and will be available for the first time only at Drackenbergs." Potosi Brewing Co will be at Drackenbergs from 6pm to 7:30pm.

The Beer Spot @ Brickhouse - in addition to Central Waters, Nebraska Brewing Co, and Shorts, you will have the fine pleasure of Half Acre Brewing Co (Chicago, IL) as well.


  1. Hey this Spartan boy, is there any bus that runs a route to the different parties around the clock? 6 - 7 of these parties look great, but they might be at opposite ends of town.

  2. A couple of corrections/updates for Great Taste Eve listings:

    * Tipsy (formerly King and Mane, formerly The Local Tavern) are, indeed, hosting New Holland again, but are also adding Dark Horse and Furthermore. In addition to that, they've applied for a city permit to close the street--block party with Maduro (Bell's, of course) and Argus (Three Floyds).

    * Old Fashioned: I didn't hear anything about Hinterland, but was told the other day that RedEye and Dave's Brew Farm would be returning. She's also hoping to come up with a full week of events, one of which might be an O'so new release. Perhaps Hinterland was one for earlier in the week(?)


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