Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Press Release Tuesday - Vintage Brewing Company

So, apparently Scotty won some awards that he thinks are more important than mine, since he took the time to write a press release about these. Boo.

Congrats, guys.

----------START PRESS RELEASE----------------------

USBTC names Vintage Oktoberfest Grand Champion

Madison, WI

Vintage Brewing Company is honored to have had its seasonal Oktoberfest named national Grand Champion of the Vienna/ Marzen lager category in the winter2010/2011 United States Beer Tasting Championship. The USBTC also recognized Scaredy Cat Oatmeal Stout as a “Best of the Midwest” regional champion in the stout category.

This year’s competition is the USBTC’s 17th annual championship. A total of 403 beers from 112 breweries were examined across 14 different beer categories. Within each category, the USBTC determined both a national Grand Champion and the best entry from each of six U.S. regions: 1) Northeast, 2) Mid-Atlantic/Southeast, 3) Midwest, 4) Rockies/Southwest, 5) California, and 6) Northwest/Pacific.

The USBTC takes a unique approach in that its competition is held in multiple stages. Sequential field trials are conducted wherein judges evaluate beers and select the best to advance to subsequent rounds. This allows beers to be judged in relatively small flights while ensuring that the best beers are still determined through head-to-head competition. All beers were tasted in blinded fashion and judged on a hedonic scale.

For more information about the United States Beer Tasting Championship and a complete list of winners, visit www.usbtc.com

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  1. Aw c'mon, MBR, why would I inform YOU and your readers about an award from YOUR publication?
    I took the time to write different press releases relevant to different publications. I'll take a public forum "best of" over an individual beer award any day.
    Thanks for posting our message, though, and thanks MBR for continuing to enrich and inform beer lovers- yay!


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