Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great American Beer Fest: The Plan of Attack

My itinerary, and hence my posts, will be something like what follows. My general plan is to use Thursday and Friday to split the room in half and drink geographically pointedly ignoring the Midwest. You can find the map here. On Saturday, I am going to look for specific styles and try to do some interviews; I've already set up interviews with Kevin Eichelberger of Red Eye and Mark Duchow of the Grumpy Troll.

I plan to take pictures and I've been testing some live blog stuff with some audio and video capabilities. Are you interested in video interviews or commentary if I can get the subjects to agree? Unfortunately the festival itself does not have wireless, so I'm limited to reporting from the media center. In the comments, I'd love to hear some ideas for coverage.

Wednesday (today) Night: arrive in Denver
Thursday: Fest from 5:15pm to 10:00pm - tables ABCDGHKL; basically the MidAtlantic, Rockies, New England, and SouthWest; some breweries to look forward to include: Southampton Publick House, Allagash, Wynkoop, and Uncle Billy's Brew & Que.
Friday: 12-2pm is the Media lunch with beer pairings, we'll see about this, sounds a little rah, rah, but, eh, free beer. Immediately after the media lunch is a media-only tour of some Denver-area breweries and "rare beer" tasting to quote the media guide:
Tour breweries in style on a bus with 40 other fellow journalists. 2 p.m. Depart from Marriott Denver City Center. (1701 California St.) and visit Breckenridge Brewery (471 Kalamath St.), then to Rackhouse Pub & Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Distillery. Next stop is Wynkoop Brewing Company and a tour of Colorado’s first brew pub. Your special media VIP bus tour finishes at 4:00 p.m. at the Denver Rare Beer Tasting where more than 20 craft brewers will pour limited edition craft beer at the Wynkoop.

Then I'll start drinking at the festival: having left tables EFIJM; the Pacific (California), Pacific NorthWest (Oregon/Washington), and SouthEast. A power house day that will include: Cigar City, Duck Rabbit, Ninkasi, Full Sail, Mad River, Lost Abbey, Bear Republic and The Bruery. In all honesty, I may leave some of this for the Saturday afternoon session.

Saturday Afternoon: 12:15-4 or so I'll finish up what I didn't get to on Friday and do some interviews. May even try to duck out early to spend some quality (sober) alone time with Mrs. MBR.

Saturday Evening: 5:15-10; Pick and choose some styles and go on a treasure hunt to find beers inside those styles. Not sure which I'll choose yet, but you can bet that Bamberg-style Smoked, American-Style Malt Liquor, and Leipzig-Style Gose will all be on the list.

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  1. Best of luck on your current adventure! Say hi to the Yeast Wrangler, Kevin from RedEye, enjoy the sights and brews, and be sure to make an appointment for the liver transplant you'll probably need once you return!


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